8th Annual Human Rights Summit – 2011


The Annual SFSU Human Rights Summits
PEACE & HEALTH EQUITY is the main theme of the 8th Annual SFSU Human Rights Summit (May 2 – 5, 2011 at the Cesar Chavez Student Center). The 8th Summit is being funded by the National Center for Minority Health and Health Disparities of the National Institutes of Health (NCMHD/NIH, Grant # 1 R13 MD005792-01). Several institutes, centers and programs at SFSU are co-sponsoring the event, including the Global Peace, Human Rights and Justice Studies Program, the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement, the Health Equity Institute, and the Center for Health Disparities Research and Training. The major innovation of the 8th Summit is the painting of a Public Health and Human Rights community mural in San Francisco, based on research being conducted in Fall 2010 by students in the Ethnographic Methods course (ANTH 651). Muralists Eduardo Pineda, who painted the mural in the Anthropology Department hallway in 1988, and his collaborator Joaquin Newman, are the artists responsible for painting the mural in November 2010. Unveiling of the mural will take place at a pre-Summit community event in early December. The human rights organizing committee for the 8th Summit, already at work now in the Fall, is composed of professors M. Ferreira (HR committee chair, Anthropology), Karen Lovaas (Speech and Communication), Sherry Keith (History), Phil Klasky (American Indian Studies), and Leticia Márquez-Magaña, (Biology). Keep an eye open for invitations to our fantastic pre-Summit events this Fall!!

HR zine 1.jpgHR zine 2.jpgHR zine 3.jpgHR zine 4.jpgHR zine 5.jpgHR zine 6.jpg
Covers of the “Human Rights Zines Series” produced by Anthropology & Human Rights students in 2010

The seven initial Annual SFSU human rights summits (2004-2010) have provided an excellent forum for discussion of the various challenges, solutions, and opportunities to prevent and eliminate health disparities from a human rights perspective in minority and poor, underserved neighborhoods in the SF Bay. Our main argument is that when basic human rights are protected, health equity naturally ensues. At the 7th Human Rights Summit (May 4 – 7, 2010), entitled “Survival Rx: Knowledge for Health Equity,” SFSU students presented their original research projects, together with Human Rights scholars, activists, community leaders and artists. Students in the Anthropology and Human Rights class of 2010 (ANTH 588/788) launched “The Human Rights Zines Series,” published by the SFSU Bookstore in association with Pegasus Books in Oakland, addressing the topics of Water, Food, Peace, Indigenous Peoples, and Prisons. Endangered Cultures students (ANTH 321) wrote eight one-act plays on Indigenous Peoples’ Rights during Spring 2010, then performed these plays at the 7th Summit, directed by Theater of the Oppressed practitioner Jiwon Chung. Every year a growing number of SFSU students have been able to understand more about, and get more involved in health disparities, environmental justice, and human rights research, and to present ideas in creative and innovative ways to their peers and to the broader public. Multimedia, creative writing, and the performing arts have been particularly encouraged, attracting a more diverse and younger student and community audience, usually resistant to traditional conference presentations. Prof. Mariana Ferreira is the founder and main organizer of this annual conference. Selected papers and commentaries delivered at summits 1, 2, 3 & 4 were published in a special double-issue on human rights of the peer-reviewed Treganza Museum Occasional Papers at SFSU, numbers 24 & 25, on-line at http://humanrights.sfsu.edu/2008/humanrightsingloballight.pdf . In Spring 2011, another series of papers, theater plays, interviews and commentaries presented at Summits 5, 6, 7 & 8 will be published. For more information about this SFSU historical event, see http://humanrights.sfsu.edu, and our sister website http://righttoknow.sfsu.edu .

The Global Peace, Human Rights, and Justice Studies Minor (GPS)
The Global Peace, Human Rights, and Justice Studies program is an all-university, interdisciplinary minor in which students and faculty cooperatively study and explore in depth the problems, issues, challenges, and opportunities to prevent violence and to create a more just, peaceable, and sustainable world. The GPS program stems out of the College of Humanities at SFSU, and is co-directed by Drs. Ferreira and Lovaas. Since 2006, GPS has co-sponsored the 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th summits, increasing the number of minorities interested in public health and human rights.

HUMAN RIGHTS JOURNAL- Following recent news surrounding human rights, students of the Anthropology 588 class compiled a journal to help direct their original research for the semseter. An excellent example is provided by Max Dibble. DOWNLOAD!



Anthropology & Human Rights students model masks and dedicate them to their heroes, community members, loved ones, and to the following Amnesty International Urgent Action campaigns:
Christina Abram:Davis: Haitian Independence and Spirit
Christina Alonso: To the Victims of Genocide in Cambodia
Jennifer Anjos: Indigenous Peoples' Rights Kelsi Barry: Female Sexual Identity
Maureen Bitonio: End Repression of Expression: Free Lu Xiaobo
Amandine Castex: Sexual Violence Against Nicaraguan Girls
Nick Cuzzi: Indigenous Peoples' Rights & Sexual Rights
Erdem Durgunoglu: Global Food Security
Hanzuwan El-kindiy: Stop the Execution of Troy Davis
Nathan Embretson: Call on China to Release Tibetan Filmmaker
Mariana Ferreira: Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Brazil
Robin Fies: The Colonization of San Francisco Bay
Mette Fordan: Sami People's Rights (Northern Scandinavia)
Jemeleth Gonzales: Justice for Maria Isabel Franco (Guatemala)
Luzdary Hammad: Women's Rights & UNICEF
Jack Hickey: "End Death Penalty" Brienne Keim: Indigenous Peoples' Rights in Brazil
Anna Manuel: Indigenous Peoples' Rights Estela Melendez: Violence Against Women
Susan O'Sullivan: "Brown" & Children's Rights
Joni Phillips: Education and Unification in Ghana
Eric Raichelson: Call on China to Release Tibetan Filmmaker
Kyle Rousseau: Indigenous Peoples' Rights
Lauren Smith: Indigenous Peoples' Rights (Peru) & Rape Victims in Guatemala
Christine Tjandra: Women's Movements in Developing Countries … and many many more…
*Audience took ACTION, signed petitions have been mailed worldwide

"Building a Health Revolution Peace by Peace"

Four full days of keynote speakers, panels, performances, and workshops!

May 2-4 @ SFSU (Rosa Parks, Cesar Chavez Student Center)

Monday May 2, 2011
10:00 am - Opening: Dean Joel Kassiola
10:15 am - Panel 1: Advocating for the Sexes
12:00 pm - Panel 2: Sustainable Communities
1:00 pm   - Keynote: Prof. Gil Herdt (SFSU). Sexual Literacy & Human Rights: The Role of Peace and Conflict in
                  Global Processes
1:30 pm   - Panel 3: Sexual Rights and Social Policies
4:00 pm   - Panel 4: Youth PhotoVoice Exhibit, with Geneva Car Barn & First Exposures
5:00 pm   - End

Tuesday May 3, 2011
9:30 am   - Panel 5: Exploring Hegemonic Violence
11:00 am - Panel 6: Youth as Peace Builders
12:30 pm - Performance: Urban Healing Tour: Toy Soldiers
1:00 pm   - Keynote: Prof. Catherine Cole (UCB). For the Health of the Body Politic: Performing South Africa's Truth
2:00 pm   - Keynote: Prof. Brad Erickson (UCB). The Voice in the Mask. Art and Social Justice
2:30 pm   - Panel 7: Masquerade. The Human Rights View of Masks
3:30 pm   - Panel 8: Alliance for Humane Biotechnology
4:15 pm   - Panel 9: Zines for Human Rights.
5:00 pm   - End

Wednesday May 4, 2011
9:00 am   - Panel 10: Health Equity in Cuba
11:00 am - Panel 11: The Philosophy of Peace
12:00 pm - Workshop: Dialogue on Peace and Justice
2:00 pm   - Panel 12: Health Care is a Human Right
3:00 pm   - Panel 13: Women, Peace and Health
4:00 pm   - Panel 14: Education Equity

Thursday May 5, 2011 (at UC Berkeley, 101 Archaeological Research Facility)

12:00 pm - Keynote: Prof. Charles Kernaghan (National Labor Committee). Triangle Returns: Who Will Protect Today's Working Girls?
1:00 pm   - Keynote: Prof. Nancy Scheper-Hughes (UCB). Truth and Justice - Prosecutions with Reparations to Victims of Organized Kidney Trafficking - Netcare Medical Corp., South Africa
1:30 pm   - Performance: Playback Theater on Peace and Justice in South Africa (Kairos Theater Ensemble)
3:30 pm  - Panel 15: Right to Good Health Mural at the Mission Neighborhood Health Center, SF
4:00 pm  - Performance: MEN N CLOUDS. Jose Navarrete and Don Julio Barrera
5:00 pm  - Reception

The 8th Annual SFSU Human Rights Summit is Sponsored by the SFSU Department of Anthropology; the Institute for Civic and Community Engagement (ICCE); the Health Equity Institute for Research, Practice and Policy; the Global Peace, Human Rights and Justice Studies Program; and the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities, of the National Institutes of Health (grant # 1R13MD005792-01).
Public & Free Event, open to all!

Contact: Prof. Mariana Ferreira. Email: marianaf@sfsu.edu; phone: (510) 206-4526
Hope to see you there! Bring friends and family. Everyone Welcome!