1969 VLF Signal Simulator

VLF Signal Simulator
---front view---

Raven Air Force VLF Signal Simulator. Rare test instrument--only a few were built. Designed to simulate the transmissions of large VLF stations complete with atmospheric conditions! No model number. Contains 11 transistors & 166 ICs on plug-in cards with extender card. Includes full synthesized VLF generator (range: 10kHz-30kHz in 10Hz steps and independent Gaussian and impulse noise generators). Outputs of all three generators may be mixed together in various levels calibrated in 1db steps. Output from 1ÁV to 1V. Signal may be continuous or encoded with internal random code generator--CW, MSK, or FSK--with selectable duty factors, phase shifts, and baud rates. (1969) HELP: looking for a manual or a spare unit.

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