TRC-77 and TRC-77A Military Transceivers
(aka: AN/TRC-77 or RT-654/TRC-77)

KK6HY's TRC-77
TRC-77 setup at station KK6HY

Photo of TRC-77
front view

Photo of TRC-77
top view

Photo of TRC-77
left side view
Photo of TRC-77
rear view
Photo of TRC-77
right side view

Photo of TRC-77
bottom view

Photo of TRC-77
bottom view, hinged subchassis open

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TRC-77 in the field
typical military deployment in the field by Special Forces soldier

TM 11-5820-473-12
Operations Manual for Radio Sets AN/TRC-77 & AN/TRC-77A

TM 11-5820-473-35
DS, GS & Depot Maintenance Manual for Radio Sets AN/TRC-77 & AN/TRC-77A


Manufacturer: Arvin Industries, Inc.
Date of manufacture: c.1962-66
Procurement cost: ????
2 tubes: 3B4 and 2E24 (transmitter driver and PA)
17 transistors total: Rx: 11 transistors, Tx: 6 transistors
Frequency range: 3.0 to 8.0 MHz, Rx and Tx: 6 crystal channels each
Modes: Rx: AM and CW -- Tx: CW only
Power: Rx: 12V at 20mA -- Tx: 12V at 3.75A
Battery: 12V at 14Ah
Tx RF Power output: 10W to 14W
Rx Sensitivity: CW: 1uV and AM: 2.2uV
Rx IF frequency: 455 kHz

Unverified list of units that may have used the TRC-77: CIA, US Army, LRRPs (Long Range Reconnaissance Patrols) and other US Special Forces, South Vietnamese Commandos, Dutch Army Commandos, and the Australian Military

Radio amateurs who enjoy restoring and using military communications equipment have a special regard for the beautifully made AN/TRC-77, a small crystal-tuned transceiver from the early 1960s that was built like a Swiss watch for Morse code communication. It was designed to be used by LRRPs and other Special Forces behind enemy lines. It featured a very sensitive 6-channel receiver and an independent 6-channel transmitter. Its dimensions are only 4.5"h x 9.5"d x 10.5"w and its weight is 11 lbs, minus the battery pack. It has a BFO, AM/CW receive options, and a built-in ATU and sidetone generator. For any Ham who collects classic military radios or is a fan of Morse code communication, the TRC-77 is a great rig to have and use. It is one of the very, very few rigs ever designed for transmitting ONLY code!!

The original crystals furnished with the TRC-77 (probably for basic testing and alignment) are the following:
(Tx/Rx) Channel 1 3.000/3.455 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 2 4.060/4.515 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 3 5.100/5.555 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 4 6.000/6.455 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 5 7.000/7.455 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 6 8.000/8.455 kHz

WA6UBE recommends the following crystal frequencies for Amateur Radio QRP communication:
(Tx/Rx) Channel 1 3560/4015 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 2 3565/4020 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 3 7040/7495 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 4 7041/7496 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 5 7042/7497 kHz
(Tx/Rx) Channel 6 7112.5/7567.5 kHz

For further information about use of the TRC-77 and other classic military radio gear,
click here for WA6UBE's great website:
Tactical Link Systems

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