KK6HY's TMC PAL-500 linear amplifier


I am trying to restore to operating condition a wonderfully engineered TMC rig (Technical Materiel Corporation of Mamaroneck, New York)
for AM contacts on the amateur radio band of 75 Meters, specifically 3870 kHz, which is a long-standing popular frequency for AMers on the West Coast.

This PAL-500 linear amplifier uses two 4CX350A RF output tubes in parallel (Eimac radial-beam, forced air-cooled,
ceramic, power-grid tetrodes) and, otherwise, is almost identical to the lower power PAL-350, which used 4CX250Bs.

The history of TMC is not as well known as Collins Radio, but its products rank among the finest HF equipment ever made.
It deserves more research. I would appreciate further information and links.

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