I am trying to restore to operating condition a wonderful TMC rig (Technical Materiel Corporation of Mamaroneck, New York)
for AM contacts on the amateur radio band of 75 Meters, specifically 3870 kHz, which is a long-standing popular frequency for AMers.

The history of TMC is not as well known as Collins Radio, but its products rank among the finest HF equipment ever made.
It deserves more research. I would appreciate further information and links.

The GPE-1A "General Purpose Exciter" has an output of about 200 milliwatts and will be connected to a
500-Watt TMC linear amplifier, Model PAL-500 feeding a 123-Foot dipole through a homebrew antenna tuner.
This exciter was the heart of two large TMC transmitters in the early 1960s: the
GPT-350 (350 Watts, 440 lbs.) and the GPT-1K (1000 Watts, 540 lbs.).

---Links to all six TMC units in this project---

---TMC GPE-1A AM exciter---
---TMC PAL-500 linear amplifier---
---TMC PAL-500 power supply---
---TMC FFR receiver---
---TMC ATS-2 antenna tuner---
---TMC SBE-2 AM/SSB exciter---

---General TMC Links---

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