A mystery song that I recorded in 1955

Title unknown

Lyrics unknown

Language unknown

An Afro-Jazz Mystery Song

sometime in 1955, a jazz group (African, Brazilian, or Cuban)
performed live in Chicago's WFMT-FM radio studio. I really enjoyed it
and the WFMT program director kindly loaned me their master tape
to make a copy of one song.

I was involved with a high school variety show, and a classmate,
Nadja Tesich, wanted to use this song for a solo dance improvisation.
Unfortunately, the school's dean of women forbid her to perform it.
It was too spirited for the mores of pre-rock-and-roll 1955!
Nadja wrote about this event in her recent autobiography,
"To Die in Chicago" (2010, iUniverse Press, Bloomington, Indiana, page 185).

Long ago, I lost the documentation for this tape and cannot remember the
name of the group or the song. I believe the language is Swahili and
that the phrase sung over and over probably is the title of the song.

Please email me if you have any information
about the song or the group or the language of the lyrics.

My email address is:

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