Lobitos Creek WebSDR Receiver

LO WebSDR antenna

LO WebSDR building

KFS satellite view

KFS antennas & building

A radio server system is now running
at Lobitos Creek on the Pacific Coast of California.

You can access it at:

The antenna is a TCI Model 530 Log-Periodic Antenna (omni, 6db gain,
1900 pounds, 92ft tower) formerly used by Maritime Radio Station KFS
located in Half Moon Bay on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Four separate SDR receivers and sound cards are employed to
cover the following ham bands: 160, 75, 60, and 40 meters.
Note that this system accommodates multiple independent users.

The author of WebSDR software, Dr. Pieter-Tjerk de Boer, PA3FWM,
maintains a list of remote receivers worldwide at

Thank you to all for your help and support.

73, Craig McCartney
Palomar Park Radio, W6DRZ


TCI 530 antenna data sheet

KFS article: August 1922

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