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Photo of roulette device

A modern roulette wheel, which according to some historians was
derived from Pascal's probability experiments in the 1650s, but,
more likely, it was an invention first demonstrated in the 1760s.

Photo of slot machine
Photo of slot machine
Photo of slot machine
Photo of slot machine
These early three-reel slot machines (a.k.a. "the bell") represent the most successful gambling
device ever made. Slot machines were invented in San Francisco by Charles Fey who began
manufacturing them in 1899. Now, once again, Northern California may change the world of
slots. A potential successor to these mechanical marvels is the interactive, video-based and
computer-based slot machine launched in 1997 by Silicon Gaming, Inc. of Palo Alto, California.
This company merged with IGT (International Game Technology) in March 2001.

Photo of Chuck-a-Luck device
Chuck-a-Luck (a.k.a. "Sweat-Cloth" and "Bird Cage")
is one of the earliest dice games.

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Bookies & Bookmaking

Bookies & Bookmaking
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Bookies & Bookmaking

Bookies & Bookmaking

Bookies & Bookmaking
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