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Bookie Games Co. game
game playing track
Bookie Games Co. game
game box cover

Bookie Games Co. game
game player's layout

Bookie Games Co. game
playing pieces
1931 "Bookie" board game, Bookie Games Co., Los Angeles

Falada Bookie Game Board
game playing board layout
Falada Bookie Game Box
game box cover
Falada Bookie Game Pieces
playing die & money
1945 "Bookie" board game, Falada Toy Co., New York

football widows game box
game box
football widows game money
playing money
football widows game scoresheet

playing score sheet

c.1980 "Football Widows Game," Real-Life Games, Oklahoma City

Bookie game box
game box
Bookie cards
playing card examples
a 1930s betting game published by Central News Ltd., London,
consisting of 52 standard size playing cards:
6 horse "Runner" cards with seven numbers for
each named horse and 4 special set-up cards

Its description reads
"The first horse to reach a position in line with the first card
marking the course is the winner. The next horse to arrive achieves
a "place" and wins one-third the odds offered by the Bookie...
Practice will quickly determine the possible odds to be laid.
These will range between 6 to1 and 50 to 1, or possibly more."

c.1936 "Bookie," England

display of game pieces
four-foot mechanical game track, game betting board and metal playing pieces
game box closeup
game box
game box 23" x 15.5" x 3"
a 1960s horserace game
published by Chad Valley/Barclay Toys, London
c.1965 "Beat The Bookie" board game, England

Beat The Bookie game box
game box
a contemporary betting game
consisting of 52 standard size playing cards:
8 horse cards and 44 odds cards

by Andrew McKinnon

Its description reads
"Given various odds the bookie chooses which horse will win
and the other players bet on what they think has been chosen.
The bookie then reveals the horse chosen and settles the bets
accordingly. The objective of the game is to place bets on the
horse the bookmaker picks."


1998 "Beat The Bookie Race Odds Game" England

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