Homebrew Williamson Amplifier

built in 1959
based on Audio Magazine article by M. V. Kiebert

Photo of amplifier
Top view of amp featuring Partridge CFB output transformer.
Tube lineup is: 12AY7, 5687, and two 5881s.

Photo of amplifier
Bottom view of amp showing its non-inductive-wound wire resisters
and non-inductive-wound bathtub oil caps in key circuit locations.

Photo of amplifier power supply
Top view of power supply for amplifier featuring oil filter caps and dual chokes.
Photo of Kiebert article

Original August 1952 article in Audio Magazine by M. V. Kiebert

Click here for schematic of this homebrew Williamson amplifier--
a variation of the Kiebert 1952 schematic designed and hand drawn in 1959

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