12 tubes ---- 1940s

receiver front panel CU
front panel
---front panel---
top view
---top view---
bottom view
---bottom view---
rear view
---rear view---

Contract Date: 1941

Purpose: to receive FM signals from off-shore sono radio buoys

Original Designer/Manufacturer: Hallicrafters (?)

(Similar to Hallicrafters S-36A without power supply).

One band: 70-90 MHz.

Mode: FM

12-tube lineup:

V101 954 RF amp
V102 954 RF amp
V103 954 mixer
V ? 955 LO
V104 6AC7 1st IF amp
V105 6SA7 2nd IF amp
V106 6SG7 3rd IF amp
V107 6SG7 4th IF amp
V108 6AC7 FM limiter
V109 6H6 FM discriminator
V110 6J5 audio amp
V112 VR150 voltage regulator

Headphones output only.

5-pin connector: Amphenol AN-3102-18-533P
2-pin connector: Amphenol AN-3102-128-3P

Many thanks to Nick England., see his website:

For a one-page article on this receiver, see href="

I would like to restore this receiver, but need the schematic and any other information,
such as the history of its development and use. Its contract date was December 13, 1941,
so I would guess that it was rushed to production after the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7.
It probably was an important tool for the defense against Japanese and German submarines.

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