National Radio Company's
R-1490/GRR-17 HF Receiver

--- The last military receiver of National Radio Company ---

R-1490 receiver front panel
R-1490 top and rear view
---top and rear view---
R-1490  bottom view
---bottom view---

The 1967 National R-1490/GRR-17 HF receiver is reported to be the last military receiver ever designed and manufactured by National Radio Company.
Along with the AN/FRR-24 and the R-1230/FLR, it represents the very best of National Company's engineering talent.

This example is missing one of the modules, cables, and a few other minor parts. If you have any spare modules or parts, please email me.
I would like to restore this receiver to operating condition.

block diagram of system
---Click here for block diagram---

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