R-1230/FLR receiver
R-1125/FLR Countermeasures HF Receiver
R-1230/FLR Countermeasures HF Receiver

--- National Radio Company's Last Vacuum-Tube Receiver ---


R-1230/FLR receiver front panel
---front panel view---
R-1230/FLR rear
---rear view---
R-1230/FLR top view
---top view---
R-1230/FLR  bottom view
---bottom view---
R-1125/FLR plate view
---close up of chassis ID plate---
block diagram of system
---Click here for block diagram---

R-1230/FLR plates view
---close up of front panel ID plates---

The following specifications for these receivers, which I think are identical mechanically, were provided
by Fred Osterman's fine book, "Shortwave Receivers Past and Present" and by NAVSHIPS 94581 manual.

I am in need of schematics to help restore this remarkable receiver and would appreciate any leads.
Please email me at kk6hy@arrl.net

Triple Conversion Superheterodyne
Date: 1963
Frequency Coverage: 2 - 32 MHz
Bandwidth: 60 KHz
IF frequencies: 1625-1725 KHz, 220 KHz and 65 KHz.
Active components: 15 miniature tubes; 13 Nuvistors; 13 semiconductors
Size: 6-1/8" x 19" x 24-1/2"
Net Weight: 65 pounds

AC Power Supply (separate unit): Model O-928/FLR (75 pounds)

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