1977 Stoddart SHF receiver
1-GHz to 18-GHz, expandable to 40-GHz

NM-67 receiver front view
---front view---
NM-67 receiver rear view
---rear view---
NM-67 receiver top view
---top view---
NM-67 receiver bottom view
---bottom view---

The 1977 Stoddart NM-67 receiver may be the most expensive desktop radio ever offered as a commercial product.
In 1979, it sold for $44,000, which adjusted for inflation is equivalent to $141,500 today.
Because of several corporate mergers in the 1970s and 1980s, the NM-67 was sold
under the following names: Singer, Ailtech, Carnel, Eaton, and ARnellab.

block diagram of system
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