Magnasync Nomad 16mm recorder with Bolex Ad
---April 1960 Magnasync ad announcing the Nomad recorder---
Magnasync Nomad 16mm recorder with Hal
---My 1960 dream movie system in 2013---

MagnasyncMagnasync Nomad 16mm recorders first magnetic film recorder designed for portable field synchronized sound with 16mm cameras was the seven-pound Nomad.

The recorder was driven by the camera's motor by means of a mechanical linkage provided by a flexible "speedometer" cable. Thus, it worked well with the classic Bolex H16 camera. It also featured a handheld transistorized mixer/controller with a miniature VU meter. Audio capacity was limited to 100 feet of split-16mm magnetic film loaded on tiny 3-inch tape reels. Two sound tracks could be recorded independently.

At $565 the Nomad was quite expensive ($4500 in 2013 dollars minus the camera), and eventually it became obsolete because synchronized audio could be provided by magnetic sound stripes deposited on the 16mm film itself inside the camera.

I am missing the Bolex installation kit and instructions for this historic system. Photos or photocopies would be very much appreciated. Please contact me if you can help.

Many thanks, Hal email link

P.S. For a first hand account of using the Magnasync Nomad in 1963, see "VOTE FOR ME: I'm Tired of Working for My Dad" by filmmaker Stefan Sargent available at his great website:

Magnasync Nomad 16mm recorder: front view door open
---three views of Magnasync Nomad 16mm magnetic film recorder with remote controller---
Magnasync Nomad 16mm recorder
---Cameras compatible with the Magnasync Nomad recorder --- Split-16mm film boxes from 1960 --- Diagrams of Nomad recorder transport---
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