1918 IP-500 (aka SE-143)
US Navy Radio Receiver

IP-500 in radio lab
Wireless research laboratory, Washington, DC, c.1919
IP-500 in radio lab
Wireless shack of radio historian Harold S. Greenwood, W6MEA

IP-500 front panel
SE-143 (no ID plate) -- tuning range: 44kHz to 1000kHz (varies) -- dimensions: 23"w x 14"h x 11"d -- weight: 40 lb. -- price in 1920: $595

Schematic of SE-143
IP-500 / SE-143 radio receiver schematic

IP500 interior
IP500 interior
IP500 interior
IP500 interior
IP500 interior
IP500 interior

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Radio Receiver Used on the USS George Washington During
President Wilson's Trip to France for Peace Negotiations,
(Collections of the Henry Ford Museum), 1919

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