Al Bonaventura
1936 -- 1980

Al Bonaventura at WJOB microphone


sound track:

Al, age 18, in the Hammond, Indiana, WJOB radio studio on State Street above Millikan's Sporting Goods Store, 1955

Al opening his popular Saturday night radio show, CARAVAN

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October 21, 1955 article from East Chicago Roosevelt student newspaper, "The Rough Writer:"

Al Bonaventura Caravan Disc-Jockey
Interviewing top recording stars is one of the many activities of Al Bonaventura as disc jockey on one of WJOB's most popular shows, "Caravan." Howard Miller, Bobby Wayne, Dorothy Collins and the Four Lads are just a few people Al has had on his show. He got his start in radio by working with Skeets Leonard on a few shows, progressing until now he is running his own show. Being a professional magician, Al has gained considerable TV and theatrical experience with his magic act. He is hoping to make a career out of show business in the radio or TV field. Be sure to tune in "Caravan" next Saturday night at 12 midnight on WJOB, for the best in music and interviews. Howard Miller and Bobby Wayne will be on the show. Dedications will be given on the air for anyone who writes to "Caravan," c/o WJOB, Hammond, Indiana.

photo of Al as clown
photo of Al as Fraidy
photo of Al & friends at his shoe shine business
photo of Al as magician
photo of Al & June Allyson
photo of & Nadja Tesich
photo of Al at WMAQ-TV
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