Bibliography of Stereoscopy

This web page contains two bibliographies

1. English-Language Books on Stereoscopy--1853 to 1986

2. H. A. Layer Bibliography and Stereo-related Activities

1. Books on Stereoscopy 1853 to 1986

by Harold A. Layer

Stereoscopic literature is far more extensive than commonly realized. After collecting books on stereo for about twenty years, I tried to compile a chronological list of every English-language book on the history and technology of stereocopy published up to 1986. This bibliography appeared in STEREO WORLD, Vol 14(1): 44-5, March/April 1987, a very important publication in the field of stereocopy that is still being published by the National Stereoscopic Association. A link to NSA is given below.

I included all 3-D cinematography texts as well as major 3-D camera guides, hardbound and paperback. A list in chronological order seemed more useful for collectors and researchers and reveals years of greatest activity and development.

Not included in this bibliography are magazine articles, 3-D picture books, 3-D drawing books, books on holography, stereo tour guides (such as the Keystone Travel Series), and small pamphlets. These items, as well as an exhaustive listing of foreign-language materials, are contained in a series of bibliographies published in German by 3-D historian and stereographer, Walter Selle. These important volumes are now out-of-print, and I hope that someday they will be republished, either on paper or on the Web.

I would appreciate any corrections or additions up to the year 1986. I leave it to others to expand beyond this date. Dan Shelley has a very good up-to-date bibliography. A link to his Website is also below.

(NOTE: "bib" means this book contains a bibliography)

2. H. A. Layer Bibliography and Stereo-related Activities




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My 1979 EXPOSURE article was translated into Spanish and published
in a beautifully illustrated book on the history of stereoscopy
"La Imagen Estereoscopica" by Juan Antonio Fernandez Rivero
(Malaga, Editorial Miramar, 2004, 240 pages)

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This web page is dedicated to RUDY BENDER
A great friend, a 3-D theoretician and 3-D photographer of incredible talent.
Rudy died too young--a sad loss for the world of 3-D and a sad loss for the
Internet--he would have loved its potential for 3-D art.

sample stereoscopic image by Rudy

Some of his documents and work are on deposit at the:
Center for Creative Photography
The University of Arizona, P.O. Box 210103, Tucson, AZ 85721
Ph: 520-621-7968 Fax: 520-621-9444 Email:

If you have anything regarding Rudy to contribute,
or are interested in his work, please contact the Center.

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