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Our research projects focus on insect ecology and address questions concerning the conservation, evolution, population dynamics, and patterns of insect-plant communities.

Ed Connor

Keywords: Lots of plant-insect stuff

Christiana Conser

Keywords: Carpobrotus edulis, iceplant, allelopathic effects on seed germination, seedling growth and survival in a Northern Californian coastal scrub community

Julie Nygard

Keywords: plant-animal interactions

Katrina Strathmann

Keywords: montane meadows, plant ecology, conservation, restoration

 John Doudna

Jennifer Carah

Melissa Andres (alumni)

Keywords: Arctostaphylos, manzanita insects, community composition, leaf pubescence, Pacific Union College

Jancy Rickman (alumni)

Keywords: Quercus agrifolia, coast live oak, leaf miners, microlepidoptera, urban-rural gradient

Candace Low (alumni)

Keywords: insect feeding guilds, avian predation, Sierra Nevada, Salix lemmonii, U.C. Berkeley, dog Jazzy, cat Luther, axolotyl

Jacqueline Levy (alumni)

Keywords: Butterfly conservation, Pipevine swallowtail, Battus philenor, Dutchman's pipe, Aristolochia californica, butterfly gardens

Chester Hartsough (alumni)

Keywords: Schizocerella pilicornis, concealed versus exposed conspecics, U.C. Davis, wife Tala, baby Carter