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There are a few things you should take into consideration before continuing.

1. You may want to consider doing the exam early, setting it aside for a day or so then reread the questions, reveiw and edit your answers.

2. Do not wait until the last minute to work on your exam. You have 5 days, use them wisely.

3. This is an essay exam. Note the word essay. This means you should follow all the rules of essay organization and use proper grammer. Anything less is likely to have an adverse consequence on your grade

4. Remember all the lecture presentations are available in the PSIRUS lab. If you are indoubt, check them out.

5. The encyclopedia Britannica's China page can be accessed via the "Research Resources" portion of this webpage. (click on "Return to IR325 Homepage" below. Then click on the heading for "Research Resources". From there look for "Britannica's China Page." This only brings you to the start of the page you must scroll around and search for the specific information you desire) You may need to access Britannica from the lab at school or enroll for a free trial membership.

6. Jon Colias will be leading a study group on Friday. For more information send him an E-Mail:solutnet@ix.netcom.com


1. There are four questions. Answer all four of them.

2. Answer each question thoroughly and concisely. (It does no good to ramble on)

3. All answers are to be typed or produced on with a computer or word processor. NO HAND WRITTEN EXAMS WILL BE GRADED.

4. Use a number New Times Roman, Arial or Helvecta type face.

5. Use size 12 font.

6. Double space

7. Each of the four questions is worth 25% of your mid-term grade.

Mid-Term Exam

1. " The KMT had little or no chance to gain the Mandate of Heaven." Comment.


2. The British East Indies monopoly fits like a glove into the Chinese perception of proper trading relationships with the barbarians from outside the Sinic zone. Comment.


3. "The mass line is true democracy in action." Comment.


4. " A revolution is not a tea party." If you had been guiding the Chinese toward national unity and modernization would you have used the techniques imposed by the Chinese Communist Party? Why or why not?


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