Urbs/Soc 200 Changing Cities
This course will introduce you to the excitement of trying to understand city life and the challenge of trying to make cities more socially just and environmentally sustainable. San Francisco is used as a local case study. In addition to a collection of diverse readings, the course draws upon films, field trips, internet sites, and reflections on personal experience. 
Urbs/PlSi 560 Urban Poverty and Policy This course analyses the political-economic dynamics of urban poverty, including the distinctive role of race in US poverty, and then examines policy efforts to reduce poverty, with particular focus on the impacts of the 1996 welfare reform.    
Urbs/Plsi/Labr 570 Urban Health Policy This course looks at the evolution of the US health care system and its operation in urban areas, and then analyses the profound restructuring which has gripped the health care system during the past decade: the corporatization of the health care system. We examine the impacts on costs, access, and quality of care and consider recent policy efforts and proposals to address these problems.
Urbs/Plsi 603/604 Public Service Internship
and Internship Seminar
This course offers students the opportunity to work in a local organization of your choice as a means of gaining hands-on experience to both supplement your academic learning and enrich your professional development.


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