Courses Description
Abnormal Psychology
Psychology 452
The nature and development of emotional disturbances which result in a person's failure to adapt adequately in this society; contemporary theories of personality development as well as a clinical description of the neuroses.
Introduction to Clinical Psychology
Psychology 521
The methods of clinical psychology, including case study techniques, psychodiagnostic evaluation, remediation of psychological distress. The current scope of professional practices in clinical psychology.
Theory and Practice of Psychotherapy
Psychology 728
Issues in the practice of clinical psychology including alcohol and substance use, general conceptual framework, models of intervention, professional ethics and law, roles and responsibilities of psychotherapists.
Diagnosis and Advanced Psychopathology
Psychology 821
Examines various approaches to the evaluation and treatment of major mental disorders including substance abuse disorders and disorders of childhood and adolescence.
Short-Term Models in Psychotherapy
Psychology 822
Characteristic interpersonal interactions including those involving substance abuse or partner abuse and how those appear in the clinical interview are studied from different theoretical viewpoints including assessment and intervention procedures. Conditions which promote psychological change in couples and families including same-sex relationships are studied from an interpersonal, familial, and sociocultural perspective.

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