night riders




Night Riders

Night Riders:
Defending Community in the Black Patch, 1890-1915

"Historians and novelists have written about the Black Patch War since the 1930s, but Waldrep has written an account of that episode that exceeds all others in terms of research, detailed coverage, and insight. He has presented a great deal of new material on the subject, and he has developed an analysis that places the Black Patch War in a broad and meaningful context."—William F. Holmes, University of Georgia

“Waldrep’s complex and nuanced study is the best account of the Black Patch war since historians and novelists began to write about that episode in the 1930s.”
   Crandall Shifflet, American Historical Review

"A well-researched book of creative scholarship....Waldrep's book is an important contribution to our understanding of economic relationships, rural life, and violence in the late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century South." -- George C. Rable

 Night Riders.

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