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Dr. Sujian Guo is Professor in the Department of Political Science and Director of Center for US-China Policy Studies (CUSCPS) at San Francisco State University. Guo is adjunct professor and guest research fellow of many Chinese academic institutions, such as Fudan University's Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences, Fudan University Center for Chinese Foreign Policy, Renmin University of China School of International Studies, North China University, Inner Mongolia University, and Guizhou University.

Guo is Editor-in-Chief of Journal of Chinese Political Science, a refereed academic journal published by Springer, and Editor of Rowman & Littlefield Publishers-Lexington's book series "Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development." Guo is also Director of BSS summer program at Peking University in Beijing.

His areas of specialization include Comparative Politics, International Relations and Methodology. His research interests have focused on China/Asian politics, US-China relations, international relations of East Asia, communist and post-communist studies, democratic transition, and political economy of East and Southeast Asia. 

He has published more than 40 articles both in English and Chinese. His sole-authored and edited books include Thirty Years of China-US Relations: Analytical Approaches and Contemporary Issues (2010); China's Environmental Crisis: Domestic and Global Political Impacts and Responses (2010); Environmental Protection Policy and Experience in the U.S. and China's Western Regions (2010); Greater China in an Era of Globalization (2009); China in Search of a Harmonious Society (2008); Harmonious World and China's New Foreign Policy (2008); New Dimensions of Chinese Foreign Policy (2007); Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development (2007); China in the Twenty-First Century: Challenges and Opportunities (2007); The Political Economy of Asian Transitions from Communism (2006); China's "Peaceful Rise" in the 21st Century (2006); and Post-Mao China: from Totalitarianism to Authoritarianism? (2000). 


Dr. Jean-Marc F. Blanchard is Associate Director of the Center for U.S.-China Policy Studies and Associate Professor in the Department of International Relations at San Francisco State University (SFSU). 

He received Ph.D. and M.A. degrees in Political Science from the University of Pennsylvania.  His research interests include China ’s integration into the global economic system, China ’s interactions with multinational corporations, Chinese multinational corporations, Sino-Japanese relations, and Chinese territorial and maritime issues.  He is a co-editor of Harmonious World and China’s New Foreign Policy (Lanham: Lexington-Rowman & Littlefield Publishing, 2008), a co-editor of and contributor to Power and the Purse: Economic Statecraft, Interdependence, and National Security ( London : Frank Cass, 2000), and the author of nearly 20 book chapters and refereed journal articles.  Examples include “China, MNCs, and Globalization” (2007), “China’s Peaceful Rise and Sino-Japanese Territorial and Maritime Tensions” (2006), “Linking Territorial Disputes and War” (2005), “Giving the Unrecognized their Due: Regional Actors, International Organizations, and Multilateral Economic Cooperation in Northeast Asia” (2003), and “The U.S. Role in the Sino-Japanese Dispute over the Diaoyu (Senkaku) Islands, 1945-1971” (2000).  At SFSU, he teaches courses on Chinese Foreign Policy, Multinational Corporations, and the International Political Economy. 



Jean-Marc Blanchard, International Relations
Adam Burke, Health and Human Services
Yea-Mow Chen, Finance
George Cheng, SFSU Library
Wan-lee Cheng, College of Creative Arts
Jeff Cookston, Psychology
Sheldon Gen, Public Administration
Qian Guo, Geography
Sujian Guo, Political Science
Pi-Ching Hsu, History
Summer Hsia, Education
Sung Hu, Science and Engineering
Leigh Jin, College of Business
Mark Johnson, Arts
Ming-ye Lee, Education
Xiaohang Liu, Geography
Kathleen McAfee, International Relations
Wenshen Pong, Science and Engineering
Stephen Rudman, International Business

Mary Scott, Humanities
Robert Smith, Political Science
Susan Sung, Social Work
Andrei P. Tsygankov, International Relations
Gerardo Ungson, International Business
Jun Wang, Health and Human Services
Janey Wang, Public Administration
Lihua Wang, International Business
Bernard Wong, Anthropology
James Wong, Computer Science
Yim-Yu Wong, International Business
Yenbo Wu, Director of OIP
Peng Xu, Economics
Nini Yang, International Business
Darlene Yee, Health and Human Services
Lena Zhang, BECA, Creative Arts
Weimin Zhang, Cinema, Creative Arts
Yanchun Zhang, Economics

Bruce Dickson, GWU
Lowell Dittmer, UC Berkeley
June T. Dreyer, U of Miami
Joseph Fewsmith, Boston U
Taylor M. Fravel, MIT
Avery Goldstein, U of Penn
Dennis Hickey, Missouri State
Eric A. Hyer, Brigham Young U
Canrong Jin, Renmin U China
Scott Kennedy, Indiana U
Peter Moody, U of Notre Dame
Thomas Moore, U of Cincinnati
Bruce Pickering, Asian Society
Ren Xiao, Fudan University
Anthony Saich, Harvard U
Ting Wai, HK Baptist U
Fei-ling Wang, Georgia Tech
Jisi Wang, Peking University
Jianwei Wang, UW-Stevens Point
Lynn T White, Princeton
Elizabeth Wishnick, Montclair State
Brantly Womack, U of Virginia
Xinbo Wu, Fudan U China
Guanbin Yang, Renmin U China
Zicheng Ye, Peking University
Bin Yu, Wittenberg U


Zou Lijun, Law School, Nanking University (2010)

Zhou Xinyu, School of International Studies, Renmin University of China (2009)

Hu Bo, School of International Studies, Peking University (2008)



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