Deng Zhenglai


Deng Zhenglai is distinguished professor of Fudan University, Dean of Fudan-IAS, and a supervising professor of Ph.D. candidates in jurisprudence and political theory.  He is editor-in-chief of Fudan China Studies and China Social Sciences Quarterly.  He also is an adjunct professor, guest professor, or honorary professor at many Chinese universities Deng’s research has focused on legal philosophy, political philosophy, and various social science cross-disciplinary areas.  He has published nearly 20 sole-authored books, around 20 translated books, and numerous edited books.  Some of his most influential books are State and Society: China’s Civil Society; Research and Reflections: Autonomy of China’s Social Sciences; Freedom and Order: Hayekian Social Theories; Hayekian Legal Philosophy; Rules, Order, and Ignorance: Hayekian Liberalism; and China’s Legal Science: Where is it headed?  His works have greatly influenced China’s social sciences. 


According to the Influence Report in China’s Human Studies and Social Sciences (2000-2004) published by China’s Social Sciences Publishing House, Deng ranked, between 2000 and 2004, among the top 50 most influential scholars in 6 disciplines out of a total of 21.  He ranked no. 1 in legal science, no. 2 in political science, no. 5 in sociology, no. 30 in Marxism studies, no. 36 in journalism and dissemination studies, and no. 44 in philosophy.  He is the only one in China who ranked so highly in so many disciplines and is rated among the top 5 in the core disciplines such as legal science, political science and sociology.