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CUSCPS Delegation Makes First Visit to 
Top Chinese Academic Institutions in June 2006

In June 2006, Center for U.S.-China Policy Studies (CUSCPS) Officers and Associates, joined by Dean Joel Kassiola from the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS), made the CUSCPS’s first trip to China. There, Dean Kassiola, Dr. Sujian Guo, Director of the CUSCPS, Dr. Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, Associate Director of the CUSCPS, Center Associates Dr. Yanchun Zhang, Dr. Xiaohang Liu, and Dr. Robert Smith participated in a major international conference in Beijing and paid visits to a number of top Chinese academic institutions to explore opportunities for collaboration and exchange between faculty and students at these universities and the CUSCPS, BSS, and the larger SFSU community. Dean Kassiola and Dr. Blanchard also gave talks at several Chinese universities in Beijing and Shanghai.

The CUSCPS Delegation’s first visit in Beijing was Renmin University of China where the CUSCPS Delegation participated in a major international symposium entitled “Political China in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities” which was co-sponsored by the School of International Studies at Renmin University and the Association of Chinese Political Studies in USA (Dr. Sujian Guo is currently the President). The conference brought together scholars from around the world to exchange their views on a multitude of international and domestic issues confronting China.  All members of the CUSCPS Delegation presented papers at the conference while some also served as chairs or discussants for panels. [see picture]  

While attending the conference, Dean Kassiola and members of the CUSCPS Delegation met with the leadership of the School of International Studies at Renmin University (Renmin SIS) including Dean Li Jingzhi, Associate Dean Jin Cangrong, Assistant Dean Li Qingsi, and other key faculty members. The meeting at Renmin University demonstrated a strong interest in establishing a comprehensive bilateral relationship between the Renmin SIS and various entities at SFSU and discussed in detail the possible forms of collaboration and exchange for the future. [see pictures]

The CUSCPS’s next visit was made to Peking University.  At Peking University, Dean Kassiola delivered a major speech entitled “Dilemma of Western Industrial Civilization and the Path of Chinese Development in the 21st Century” to an enthusiastic audience of more than one hundred faculty and students. [see pictures] Dr. Blanchard gave a talk on contemporary Sino-Japanese political and economic relations to Peking University’s faculty and students, which provoked some animated exchanges between CUSCPS Delegation members and Chinese colleagues and students. [see pictures

While visiting the Peking University School of International Studies (Peking University SIS), the CUSCPS Delegation met with Associate Dean Guan Guihai, Dr. Ye Zicheng, Director of Center for Strategic Studies, Dr. Zhu Feng, Director of the International Security Program, Dr. Wang Zhengyi, Chair of Department of International Political Economy, as well as a number of key faculty member of the Peking University SIS. [see pictures] Aside from discussing various cooperative mechanisms and opportunities to link the Peking University SIS with the BSS at San Francisco State University, it was noted that there might be an opportunity for the research centers to collaborate on research projects such as Sino-American energy policy coordination.  

The CUSCPS Delegation’s third stop was a visit to the Central Party School, the top think tank for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the main training site for current and future top government and party officials. [see pictures] At the Central Party School, Dean Kassiola for a second time delivered his speech on China
’s development path while Professor Blanchard again delivered his talk on Sino-Japanese relations.  These presentations generated lively discussions and provided opportunities for both sides to better understand the perspectives of the other.  Showing the potential policy impact of the CUSCPS, Central Party School officials requested copies of the Kassiola and Blanchard papers so they could submit to top CCP leaders through their internal circular and distribute as reading materials to the students in their training programs.  Another productive outcome of the visit to the Central Party School was that the Center for Rural Development at Central Party School suggested to work with the CUSCPS in developing, funding, and executing a major collaborative research project entitled “Western Industrial Civilization and China
’s New Village Construction.”  

After having concluded its visit to Beijing, the CUSCPS Delegation flew to Shanghai
where the CUSCPS visited three top universities, including Tongji University, Fudan University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and the Institute of American Studies under the auspices of Shanghai Association of American Studies.  During these visits, Dean Kassiola, the CUSCPS Officers and Associates met with deans, directors, faculty and students and discussed many possibilities for joint collaboration and exchange between the CUSCPS and these institutions in the future, such as faculty exchanges, joint research projects, and academic exchange programs. Both Dean Kassiola and Dr. Blanchard delivered their talks at these institutions and exchanged their views with faculty and students about the topics and issues of common interest. [see picture 1 and picture 2]

All these visits in Beijing and Shanghai have proved very fruitful in terms of a wide variety of connections made with them, potential collaborative relationships with them, and academic activities that could grow out of these visits. Both the CUSCPS and Chinese institutions expressed great interests in establishing long-term collaborative and exchange relationships to advance each other’s missions.  

For more information about the CUSCPS Delegation’s visit to China, please contact the Director of CUSCPS, Dr. Sujian Guo, at

Renmin University of China

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Peking University

Peking University

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Central Party School

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