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 Center’s Research Topics

  1. Foreign Policy: China’s rising, US grand strategy, and Chinese foreign policy; Sino-US relations, Sino-Japanese relations, Sino-Russian relations, Sino-EU relations, and other major power relations and policy issues that involve US-China relations; China and geopolitics in Northeast Asia, East Asia, and Central Asia; US-China-Taiwan triangle, US-China-Japan triangle, US-China-Russia triangle, US-China-India triangle; US-China competition and cooperation; China’s cooperation with ASEAN;
  1. Business policy: US-China trade and economic conflicts; political and economic analysis of Chinese SOE business; strategies for doing business in China; US-China business dialogue and connect; energy policy coordination and alternative energy cooperation; environmental policy coordination; US-China interdependence in the age of globalization; Multinational corporations in China; Intellectual property policy; IT industry and services; foreign investment policy; financial reforms, capital markets and policies;
  1. Political development: China ’s reform and transition; public administration; public policy; participatory governance; digital governance and its application at central and local levels; digital management and development in environmental policy;
  1. Social policy: social welfare; social work; health; medicine, care administration and human services; with primary focus on comparison between US and China

 Center’s Main Activities

  1. Research Activities and Policy Advising:  CUSCPS shall bring in BSS faculty across all disciplines to (1) conduct joint policy research, surveys, and data analysis related to China; (2) organize academic conferences, workshops, public lectures, forums and seminars, and joint programs; (3) provide joint research and teaching opportunities for faculty members and graduate students across disciplines in China; (4) provide policy advice to China’s government agencies, NGOs, businesses, and communities as requested; and (5) work with the US media and government agencies to promote a better understanding of China, its behavior, and its domestic and foreign policies.
  1. Training: CUSCPS will provide short-term training and organize visits by state and local government officials, professionals, and others from China who work in related academic areas. The training provided will cover subject areas that have been identified as necessary in the context of development and democratization. Peking University and the Foundation for Globalization Cooperation will provide funding and trainees, while the Center will organize the on-site visits and short-term training sessions. These activities will be coordinated and supervised by the Office of International Programs (OIP) and the College of Extended Learning (CEL), with the close involvement of their respective directors, Dr. Yenbo Wu and Dr. Gail Whitaker.
  1. Visiting Scholar Exchanges:  CUSCPS will coordinate scholarly exchanges in the social sciences for short-term research and teaching purposes.  Chinese institutions to be involved in these activities include the Schools of International Studies and Centers of Strategic Studies, American Studies, and Market Socialist Economic Studies at Peking University , Central Party School , Renmin University of China, Tongji University , Fudan University , Shanghai Jiao Tong University , and Shanghai Institute of American Studies.

 External and Internal Impact

  1. Externally, these activities will also significantly impact the larger community, promote academic exchanges and understanding between the United States and China , explore opportunities and challenges facing the governments of the U.S. and China in the 21st century, and provide policy advice for the policy makers of both countries.
  1. Internally, CUSCPS’ activities will add value to departments, programs, and research units across the University, advance the intellectual, personal, and professional growth of faculty and students within BSS, and enhance the development of the curriculum by providing an international perspective and new opportunities to study China in the context of a changing and diverse world.
  1. CUSCPS represents, in part, a response to the university-wide emphasis on advancing the internationalization of our campus and promoting interdisciplinary study. As expressed in the University’s mission statement, “SFSU supports faculty scholarship and creative endeavors that contribute to the bodies of knowledge within and across disciplines and that serve the community.” The projects which will be developed by CUSCPS will contribute significantly to the advancement of the university strategic plan, to the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSS), to SFSU as a whole, and to the larger community.   



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