Social Psychology and Mind, Brain & Behavior Research Labs

(San Francisco State University)




List of Mind, Brain, and Behavior (MBB) and Social Psychology Research Labs at SFSU:

Action and Consciousness Lab | Director: Dr. Ezequiel Morsella (MBB/Social)

Cognition and Aging Lab | Director: Dr. Sarah J. Barber (MBB)

Cognition and Social Equity Lab (CASE Lab) | Director: Dr. Avi Ben-Zeev (MBB)

Cognitive Psychophysiology Lab (CPL) | Director: Dr. Mark W. Geisler (MBB)

Culture and Emotional Research Lab (CERL) | Director: Dr. David Matsumoto (MBB/Social)

Language Attention & Cognitive Engineering (LACE Lab) | Director: Dr. Kenneth R. Paap (MBB)

Mello Time Lab | Director: Dr. Zena R. Mello (Social)

Personality and Well-Being Lab (PWB Lab) | Director: Dr. Ryan Howell (MBB)

Readiness, Activation, and Decision-making Lab (RAD Lab) | Director: Dr. Gaurav Suri (Social)

Social Perception, Attitudes, Mental Simulation Lab (SPAMS Lab) | Director: Dr. Charlotte Tate (Social)