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(Publications are listed in reverse chronological order [i.e., most recent first] and not organized by topic)

Tate, C. C. (in press). Addressing conceptual confusions regarding evolutionary theorizing: How and why evolutionary psychology and feminism do not oppose each other. Sex Roles. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C., Ledbetter, J. N., & Youssef, C. P. (in press, 2012). A two-question method for assessing gender categories in the social and medical sciences. Journal of Sex Research. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C. (2012). Considering lesbian identity from a social-psychological perspective: Two models of "being a lesbian." Journal of Lesbian Studies, 16, 17-29. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. (2011). The "problem of number" revisited: The relative contributions of psychosocial, experiential and evolutionary factors to the desired number of sexual partners. Sex Roles, 64, 644-657. [view .pdf]*

Tate, C., & Ledbetter, J. N. (2010). Oversimplifying evolutionary psychology leads to explanatory gaps. American Psychologist, 65, 929-930. [view .pdf]

Clark, K. D., & Tate, C. (2008). Measuring racial prejudice in a multiracial world: New methods and new constructs. In M. A. Morrison & T. G. Morrison (Eds.), The Psychology of Modern Prejudice (pp. 93-122). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. [view .pdf]

Knauper, B., Stich, C., Yugo, M., & Tate, C. (2008). Stretched rating scales cause guided responding. Health Communication, 23, 253-258. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. (2008). Race-making redux: Medicine, policy, and the re-emergence of biological arguments for "race" [Book review: Race in Contemporary Medicine]. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 8, 271-273. [view .pdf]

Malle, B. F., & Tate, C. (2006). Explaining the past, predicting the future. In L. J. Sanna & E. C. Chang (Eds.), Judgments over time: The interplay of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors (pp. 182-209). New York: Oxford University Press. [view .pdf]

Tate, C., & Audette, D. (2001). Theory and research on 'race' as a natural kind variable. Theory and Psychology, 11, 495-520. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. (2000). Automatic assumptions of automaticity. American Psychologist, 55, 766-767. [view .pdf]

*Note: Both the Smith and Konik (2011) intro to the special issue and Buss and Schmitt (2011) commentary incorrectly refer to me using male pronouns. The correct referents are female pronouns.