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The SPAMS Lab examines the perception of others and the perception of the social self (viz. identity) as related aspects of social perception. (Traditionally, "social perception" has referred only to the perception of others.)

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Barber, S. J., Lee, H., Becerra, J., & Tate, C. C. (2019). Emotional expressions affect perceptions of younger and older adults' everyday competence. Psychology and Aging, 34, 991-1004. [view .pdf]

Chessin, K., Lazo, A., Strait, M., & Tate, C. C. (2019). Facilitating and inhibiting factors for self-reports of same-gender attraction in cisgender heterosexual-identifying women and men. Journal of Sex Research, 56, 1156- 1167. [view .pdf online first]

Tate, C. C., & Pearson, M. D. (2016). Toward an inclusive model of lesbian identity development: Outlining a common and nuanced model for cis and trans women. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 20, 97-115. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C., Youssef, C. P., & Bettergarcia, J. N. (2014). Integrating the study of transgender spectrum and cisgender experiences of self-categorization from a personality perspective. Review of General Psychology, 18, 302-312. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C., Ledbetter, J. N., & Youssef, C. P. (2013). A two-question method for
assessing gender categories in the social and medical sciences. Journal of Sex Research, 50, 767-776. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C. (2012). Considering lesbian identity from a social-psychological perspective: Two models of "being a lesbian." Journal of Lesbian Studies, 16, 17-29. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. (2011). The "problem of number" revisited: The relative contributions of psychosocial, experiential and evolutionary factors to the desired number of sexual partners. Sex Roles, 64, 644-657. [view .pdf]*

Tate, C., & Audette, D. (2001). Theory and research on 'race' as a natural kind variable. Theory and Psychology, 11, 495-520. [view .pdf]

*Note: Both the Smith and Konik (2011) intro to the special issue and Buss and Schmitt (2011) commentary incorrectly refer to me using male pronouns. The correct referents are female pronouns.