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The SPAMS Lab publishes critical analyses of existing psychological theory and how it informs research. These analyses are largely directed at the areas of study for the lab (i.e., social perception, attitudes, mental simulation). With these publications, we hope to create a better philosophy of science understanding within social and personality literature and more theoretical precision within various phenomena.

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(Publications are listed in reverse chronological order and may be cross-listed with other topics)

Hyde, J.S., Bigler, R., Joel, D., Tate, C. C., van Anders, S. M. (2019). The future of sex and gender in psychology: Five challenges to the gender binary. American Psychologist, 74, 171-193. [view .pdf preprint]

Dean, M. L., & Tate, C. C. (2017). Extending the legacy of Sandra Bem: Psychological androgyny as a touchstone conceptual advance for the study of gender in psychological science. Sex Roles, 76, 643-654. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C., & Pearson, M. D. (2016). Toward an inclusive model of lesbian identity development: Outlining a common and nuanced model for cis and trans women. Journal of Lesbian Studies, 20, 97-115. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. U. (2015). On the overuse and misuse of mediation analysis: It may be a matter of timing. Basic and Applied Social Psychology, 37, 235-246. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C., Youssef, C. P., & Bettergarcia, J. N. (2014). Integrating the study of transgender spectrum and cisgender experiences of self-categorization from a personality perspective. Review of General Psychology, 18, 302-312. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C. (2013b). Another meaning of Darwinian feminism: Toward inclusive evolutionary accounts of sexual orientations. Journal of Social, Cultural, and Evolutionary Psychology, 7, 344-353. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C. (2013a). Addressing conceptual confusions regarding evolutionary theorizing: How and why evolutionary psychology and feminism do not oppose each other. Sex Roles, 69, 491-502. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C. (2012). Considering lesbian identity from a social-psychological perspective: Two models of "being a lesbian." Journal of Lesbian Studies, 16, 17-29. [view .pdf]

Tate, C., & Ledbetter, J. N. (2010). Oversimplifying evolutionary psychology leads to explanatory gaps. American Psychologist, 65, 929-930. [view .pdf]

Clark, K. D., & Tate, C. (2008). Measuring racial prejudice in a multiracial world: New methods and new constructs. In M. A. Morrison & T. G. Morrison (Eds.), The Psychology of Modern Prejudice (pp. 93-122). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. (2008). Race-making redux: Medicine, policy, and the re-emergence of biological arguments for "race" [Book review: Race in Contemporary Medicine]. Analyses of Social Issues and Public Policy, 8, 271-273. [view .pdf]

Tate, C., & Audette, D. (2001). Theory and research on 'race' as a natural kind variable. Theory and Psychology, 11, 495-520. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. (2000). Automatic assumptions of automaticity. American Psychologist, 55, 766-767. [view .pdf]