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The SPAMS Lab examines attitudes about others (ingroup and outgroups), attitudes about the self, and the consequences of these attitudes for behavior as related aspects of attitudes research. This literature is often described as "psychology of evaluation."

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Barber, S. J., Lee, H., Becerra, J., & Tate, C. C. (2019). Emotional expressions affect perceptions of younger and older adults' everyday competence. Psychology and Aging, 34, 991-1004. [view .pdf]

Chessin, K., Lazo, A., Strait, M., & Tate, C. C. (2019). Facilitating and inhibiting factors for self-reports of same-gender attraction in cisgender heterosexual-identifying women and men. Journal of Sex Research, 56, 1156- 1167. [view .pdf online first]

Clark, K. D., Yovanoff, P., & Tate, C. U. (2017). Development and
validation of a child racial attitudes index (RAI). Behavior Research Methods, 49, 2044-2060. [link to .pdf]

Mansoori-Rostam, S. M., & Tate, C. C. (2017). Peering into the “black box” of education interventions and attitude change: Audience characteristics moderate the effectiveness...and then only toward specific targets. Journal of Social Psychology, 157, 1-15. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C., Bettergarcia, J. N., & Brent, L. M. (2015). Re-assessing the role of gender-related cognitions for self-esteem: The importance of gender typicality for cisgender adults. Sex Roles, 72, 221-236. [view .pdf]

Tate, C. C. (2014). Resentment of paternalism as system change sentiment: Hostile sexism toward men and actual behavior in the 2008 U.S. presidential election. Journal of Social Psychology, 154, 28-39. [view .pdf]

Clark, K. D., & Tate, C. (2008). Measuring racial prejudice in a multiracial world: New methods and new constructs. In M. A. Morrison & T. G. Morrison (Eds.), The Psychology of Modern Prejudice (pp. 93-122). Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers. [view .pdf]