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 Charlotte Tate, Ph.D.
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 Charlotte Tate, Ph.D.
 Department of Psychology

 San Francisco State University
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All that we are



 All That We Are (DVD/VHS)

All that we areAll that we are 2

 This product is a DVD designed to reduce racial prejudice in children kindergarten to 3rd grade by weakening the  association of “race” with skin tone while teaching children alternative (and accurate) ways to describe human  variation. Endorsed by Jane Elliott (of “Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes” fame) and featuring a diverse cast of children, I  co-developed it (with Khaya D. Clark) while working at the Oregon Center for Applied Science (ORCAS) using a grant  from NICHD (#HD041299-02). $49.00 DVD; $179 manual + activities.
 To order, send an e-mail to ctate2@sfsu.edu.

 Popular Press Works:

 Psychology of Superheroes (anthology) - contributor


 This anthology brings psychology and superhero fiction together to explain principles of psychology and cognitive  science to a broad audience using superheroes as the vehicle. I have two essays in this volume: “Appetite for  Destruction: Aggression and the Batman” and “The Stereotypical (Wonder) Woman.” Click the links to read abstracts  for each essay and the first few sentences. This anthology is from 2007; thus Dr. Tate's name appears as "Chuck Tate"-- her former publishing name.

 Click here to view the publisher’s errata included in my essays.
 Order from your favorite bookseller or directly from the publisher, BenBella Books.


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