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 Charlotte Tate, Ph.D.
 Assistant Professor, Psychology
 Social Psychology Program Coordinator


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 Charlotte Tate
 Department of Psychology

 San Francisco State University, EP 310
 1600 Holloway Avenue
 San Francisco, California 94132
 Voice: (415) 338-2267
 Fax: (415) 338-2398

Statz Crew

 Below is a list of songs and videos that Dr. Tate created and/or in which she participated for fun and as  humorous teaching tools. The videos feature her drag king personas "Chumillionaire," "Stats Man," and "Chuck Tate."  Download or click and enjoy at your leisure!


  “Statz 4 Life” downloadable Quicktime file [141 MB]
 Higher quality than the Google & YouTube files (takes about 3 mins to download with DSL)

 “Statz 4 Life” (Google Video) [≈24.5 MB]
 “Statz 4 Life” (YouTube Video) [≈24.5 MB]

 "Oops, I Picked the Wrong Test" cameo (Google Video) [created by Dr. Jennifer Simonds]

 "Research Like It's Hot!" [Coming Soon]

 "Gaussian" [Coming Soon]

 Lyrics to Songs

 "Statz 4 Life" lyrics [view .pdf]

 Audio Files for Songs (.mp3)

 "Statz 4 Life" audio file

 "Research Like It's Hot" audio file [coming soon]

 "Gaussian" audio file [coming soon]

 Rick Hobbs, 8/24/07