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Inquiries about Post-Doc and Post-Baccalaureate Research Positions

Post-doctoral researchers who are interested in training within the lab and those with post-baccalaureate degrees (i.e., B.A./B.S. or higher) who are interested in research positions or volunteering in the lab, please contact the Lab Director, Dr. Charlotte Tate: ctate2 [at]

Current undergraduates should contact the Senior Lab Mananger (see below). Prospective graduate students may apply to the Social Psychology Master's program (see below). (Refresh the page for the most current contact info!)

Undergradate Research Assistant Opportunities

The SPAMS Lab encourages undergraduates to apply for research assistant positions. For more information, contact the Senior Lab Manager, Morgan Franklin. Her email is: mfrankl3 [at]

Graduate Student Opportunities

The SPAMS Lab is currently accepting applications for graduate students for Fall 2016. Please apply to the Social Psychology M.A. Program through the Department of Psychology.

Physical Location

The SPAMS Lab is located on the grounds of San Francisco State University's main campus at 1600 Holloway Avenue in the city of San Francisco. The laboratory rooms are located in the Ethnic Studies and Psychology Building (EP) in rooms 314 and 315 on the third floor. Click the link for a campus map. (EP is in quadrant G-6.)

Mailing Address

The Social Perception, Attitudes, Mental Simulation Lab
c/o Charlotte Tate, Ph.D.
Department of Psychology
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Avenue
San Francisco, CA, USA 94132