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Last updated: June 15, 2016

ERDAS and ATCOR Programs

CSU campus Remote Sensing annual subscriptions through the GIS Specialty Center enable campuses to participate in a site license from Intergraph SG&I for ERDAS and Geosystems for ATCOR. These programs provide significant benefits in support of campus remote sensing and image processing activities. No physical media is shipped to any campus.

1. Site License for Intergraph SG&I ERDAS products

Select the ERDAS products to be downloaded from the list on this site from the Intergraph SG&I download site, http://download.hexagon.com/.

Once you have downloaded your products, you will generate the run-time licenses for the products. To generate the licenses you will need the License Authorization code (LAC) and the Composite ID of the machine where the license will reside. The Composite ID is the unique identifer for each machine running the product (nodelock) or the machine that is acting as the license manager server (concurrent). To find the Composite ID, user the Intergraph License Administration Tool. The License Generation web site is https://licensing.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com/flexnet/operationsportal/. If you are unable to generate your run-time license, please email your LAC, the product(s) and Host ID to license@hexagonsi.com and a license file will be emailed back to you within one business day.

There is detailed help on the license web site, https://licensing.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com/flexnet/operationsportal/ as well as on the Licensing Resources web site, https://support.hexagonsafetyinfrastructure.com/infocenter/index?page=licensing_resources.

Note: Licenses for ERDAS Imagine 2016 are backwards compatible with the 2015 version. However, the License Administration Tool must be updated. This is available from the download site, http://download.hexagon.com/. Also note that some functionality, for example Classic ATE, may be discontinued and replaced with a later product, eATE. The earlier version may be available but a separate licensing process must be undertaken. Please consult the CSU GIS Specialty Center Site License Administrator with questions.


2. Site License for Geosystems ATCOR for Imagine

ATCOR needs a local installation of ERDAS IMAGINE.

ATCOR for IMAGINE 2015 may be downloaded from: ATCOR for IMAGINE 2015 . The download Includes ATCOR for IMAGINE GEOSYSTEMS License Tools and the Installation Guide. Please refer to the webpage http://www.geosystems.de/atcor for further information on what to download and the licensing procedure.

Once ATCOR for IMAGINE has been installed, retrieve the Host ID with the GEOSYSTEMS License Tool. Send the Host IDs with your request to keycode@geosystems.de. They will send you ATCOR license files within 24 hours

Note: although the ATCOR license file has the same file extension .lic as the ERDAS-FlexNET license file, it needs to be loaded via the GEOSYSTEMS License Tool to enable the ATCOR license.

3. Technical Support Program

Software technical support via telephone and email is available from through the designated representative on each campus. To contact Intergraph with licensing questions about ERDAS, the email is sgilicense@intergraph.com. To contact Geosystems with licensing questions about ATCOR, the email is GEOSYSTEMS - Licensing.

If you have problems that are not addressed here or have difficulty reaching support, contact the Site License Administrator.

4. Annual Renewal Period

Every year the contract with Intergraph for ERDAS is renewed in July. The annual license files must be updated by August 31.

5. Student Licenses

Student licenses are available to campuses with subscriptions to the ERDAS site license. The licenses include GeoMedia Professional and IMAGINE Professional and are valid until August 31, 2015. To request a license activation code (LAC) and installation ifnormation, students should contact their designated representative directly.