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Contact us at:

CSU GIS Specialty Center
San Francisco State University
1600 Holloway Ave, HSS 272
San Francisco, CA 94132
Phone: (415) 338-6140
E-mail: gis@sfsu.edu
Web: csugis.sfsu.edu


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Last updated: June 15, 2016

ESRI Technical Support

Accessing ESRI Technical Support

Each campus may have two people authorized to contact ESRI Technical Support. No other people are authorized to contact ESRI directly. Unauthroized people attempting to contact ESRI tehcnical support will be directed to the CSU GIS Specialty Center.

There is a protocol to follow to obtain technical support.

First, contact the Technical Representative for your campus. Please communicate the following information about your problem to them.

1) Your name

2) Your department and status (faculty/staff/student)

3) Your contact information: either a daytime phone number or email address (both are better)

4) The computer details:

5) A brief description of the problem including the following:

If the authorized representatives cannot resolve the problem, then he or she will contact ESRI. If anyone other than the authorized campus representative contacts ESRI, they will be referred to the GIS Specialty Center who will refer the caller to the appropriate campus representative.

Note: In most cases, your campus Technical Representative is one of the two people able to contact ESRI directly, but not in all cases. If not, he or she should know whom on campus to contact for assistance.

If you haven't received assistance following the procedures listed above, then email the same information regarding your problem to the GIS Specialty Center gis@sfsu.edu. They will provide you with an answer, or obtain assistance from ESRI Technical Support for you.