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Application to the COR PROGRAM consists of the following components:

a) Application form: Please complete and sign the application form. Where space is limited, use additional sheets if needed. An electronic version of the application is available for you in a word format. Please contact Lann Chan at if you have any problems opening the document.

Download Student Application

Click Here (word)   Click Here (pdf)

Get Adobe Reader NOTE: The Student Application above requires Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat Reader, please take the time to download the program.

b) Statement of Purpose (3 copies): Please limit to 1000 words and include:

  • your personal and family background
  • your academic background
  • your experiences ( work related or volunteer) in psychology or in the mental health field
  • your professional goals

c) Official Transcript: Have the registrar send a copy of your transcript to this office, EP (PSY) 236 or you can pick up an official transcript from the registrar and enclose it with your application. Please do not open the envelope.

d) Two letters of recommendations: Two people who are qualified to evaluate your scientific and academic background should complete the forms and mail them to us directly. Please contact us immediately, if you have a difficulty, providing these recommendations.

The Application Deadline is April 8th

Please send or deliver all application materials to:

Lann K. Chan

COR Program Specialist

San Francisco State University

Career Opportunities in Research

Psychology Department

1600 Holloway Ave

San Francisco, CA 94132

(415) 338-1846 phone

(415) 338-2398 fax

Contact Names Email Phone
Dr. Sacha Bunge
Program Director (415) 338-1846
Lann K. Chan
Program Coordinator  

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