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            CBS News, San Francisco Chronicle, The Marin IJ,Tiburon Ark,     Houston Chronicle

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Project Abstracts

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I am a biological oceanographer/marine microbial ecologist who addresses the fundamental question:

“What factors control phytoplankton growth, their nutrition and distribution in the ocean?”

More specifically, how do the multiple interactions of light, and macro- and micro-nutrients, affect the physiology of marine phytoplankton, and hence determine their growth rates, biochemical processes, and distribution patterns in the sea from coastal to polar environments?

Senior Research Scientist

Romberg Tiburon Center

San Francisco State University

3152 Paradise Drive

Tiburon, California


Office:  415-338-3541

Fax:      415-435-7120

E-mail:  cochlan@sfsu.edu

William P. Cochlan


Teaching at SFSU

Curriculum Vitae

Cochlan’s Laboratory

Recent Activities

2013 Field Research at the Friday Harbor Laboratories (UW) as part of our Heterosigma ECOHAB project - June 29 -July 22, 2013

2013 International Workshop on Sato umi [Gemita SPL- Gapura] in Jakarta, Indonesia in March 2013

2013 Workshop on HABs in a Changing World at Friday Harbor, WA in March 2013

2014 PICES Sato umi scoping visit to Guatemala in January 2014

2014 NF-POGO AWI-CofE Regional Training Program on HABs in Bolinao, Pangasinan, Republic of Philippines in February, 2014