Aboard the R/V T.G. Thompson during PAPA-SEEDS in May 2006

Cochlan’s Lab

Mr. Julian Herndon:

Ms Maureen Auro:

Ms Regina Radan:

Mr Brian Bill:

Mr Chris Ikeda:

Ms Julia Betts:

Mr. Denis Costello:

Research Associate                                                         jherndon@sfsu.edu

Santa Ana, Costa Rica

Education: M.A. Marine Biology, San Francisco State University,

B.A. Environmental Studies Biology, Univ. Southern California

Research Speciality: Inorganic and organic nutrient analysis and the study of coastal HABs, in particular the ecophysiology of the raphidophyte, Heterosigma akashiwo.  In charge of all day-to-day lab activities and logistics, including the procurement of fine blends of coffee and single malts.  Extensive cruise experience from Antarctica to the Pacific Northwest. Seaname – ‘Woodchuck’.

Former Graduate Student, SFSU Marine Science            mauro@whoi.edu

Garden City, NY

Education: M.S., SFSU; B.A. Biology, Lafayette College, PA,

Research Speciality: Nitrogenous nutrition and toxicity of Pseudo-nitzschia cuspidata. Loves to repeat oceanography classes and hang out in Port Townsend.  Experienced East Coast mariner, marine science educator (Bay Quest) and sea shanty singer. Seaname: ‘MoMo’. Graduated SFSU in 2007 and is now at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute.

Former Graduate Student, SFSU Marine Science            rradan@ucsc.edu           

Fairfax, Virginia

Education: M.S., SFSU; B.A. Fisheries & Wildlife/Pre-Vet, Virginia Tech.

Research Speciality: Nitrogenous nutrition of the toxigenic diatom, Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries and the role of trace metals in diatom growth and toxin production.  Experienced marine mammal handler, marine science educator, yoga-at-sea instructor, brewer of lab coffee and Cellana research associate.  Seaname: ‘Regine’ Graduated SFSU in 2008; now studying for a PhD at UCSC.

Former Graduate Student, SFSU Marine Biology         Brian.D.Bill@noaa.gov

Seattle, WA

Education: M.S., SFSU: B.S. Biology, U. Washington   

Research Specialty: Extensive experience in marine phytoplankton (including HABs) culturing, taxonomy and toxin analyses gained while employed as an NOAA research technician at NWFSC, Seattle.  Numerous research cruises in the Pacific Northwest (as part of ECOHAB-PNW) and the open ocean (PAPA-SEEDS). Seaname: ‘Brain’. Graduated SFSU in 2010; now back at NWFSC.

SFSU Graduate Researcher                                christopher.ikeda@gmail.com

Vancouver, WA

Education: B.S. SFSU Marine Biology

Research Specialty: Ecophysiology of Heterosigma akashiwo and the role of the glycocalyx in toxicity. Experienced phytoplankton culturist and nutrient analyst.

Former research assistant at Cellana LLC in Kailua-Kona, HI and undergraduate researcher at RTC.  Is almost finished his MS.

Off-campus lab personnel – somewhat geographically challenged

Former SFSU Researcher

Chehalis, WA

Education: B.S., Oregon State University                  betts.julia.n@gmail.com

Research Speciality: Photosynthetic efficiency of marine phytoplankton and keeping the others in line.  Former SFSU undergraduate work-study student.  Participated in four research cruises ranging from 3 weeks (ECOHAB-PNW) to 6 weeks (SEEDS-II) in duration and survived Cellana LLC. Seaname ‘Lil-j.’

Chemistry Team Leader, Cypress Lakes High School, Texas

Education: B.A. Biology, University of Southern California

M.A. Education, CSU Dominquez Hills                         drcostello@earthlink.net

Research Specialty: ARMADA Master Teacher.  Experienced in dissolved nutrient and phytoplankton biomass collection/analyses. Has participated in three research cruises (SEEDS-II and ECOHAB-IV & VI) and two RTC Educator Workshops.  Cruise consistency expert and Will Farrell groupie.  See his cruise journal for a complete description of his activities at sea during ECOHAB cruises at the Armada Project and ECOHAB-PNW websites.

Charles Wingert          Here is a link to his own site: http://cwingert.weebly.com

SFSU Graduate Researcher, Fresno, CA

Education: BA  Westmont College

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