The Culture and Emotion Research Laboratory (CERL) at San Francisco State University is hosted by Dr. David Matsumoto and is staffed by graduate and undergraduate student volunteers and visiting scholars. The members of CERL are actively involved in psychological research in areas including emotion, culture, sports, and organization/management. While student volunteers primarily assist with research projects and general lab operations, opportunities also exist for experienced students to manage on-going projects or to develop and manage individual projects.

The CERL is organized into multiple teams led by one or two experienced program coordinators. These teams interact in order to support and respond to the various needs of specific projects and to the maintenance of the lab in general. Students are assigned to work teams and may rotate during the year to ensure a broad and diverse research experience.

          Laboratory Management
Laboratory Coordinators work to provide overall coordination and integration of CERL's activities. This involves work on specific projects as well as the development and organization of systems and procedures for the lab in general. Working closely with other teams is important to help the lab run efficiently and productively. Communications, scheduling, lab accounts, literature library, publications, special events, and general cleaning and organizing of the lab are just some of the responsibilities. Students working on this team will develop skills needed in the day-to-day operations of a research laboratory.


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