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  • Students are accepted to work in the CERL any time during the year, summer and winter included, providing space is available. A minimum 6 hours/week is required of all students; assignments to specific studies usually requires additional time. Attendance at the weekly lab meetings is required, and is considered part of the 6-hour minimum time requirement. The remaining time is somewhat flexible.

  • The CERL is organized into work teams led by one or two experienced staff members. These teams interact in order to support and respond to the various needs of specific projects and to the maintenance of the lab in general. Students are assigned to work teams and may rotate during the year to ensure a broad and diverse research experience.

  • Students who register for academic credit for their participation in the CERL will receive units/grades according to the following table:

  • Number of Units Grade D Grade C Grade B Grade A
    2 Less than
    4 hrs / week
    4 hrs / week 6 hrs / week 8 hrs / week
    3 Less than
    6 hrs / week
    6 hrs / week 9 hrs / week 12 hrs / week
    4 Less than
    8 hrs / week
    8 hrs / week 12 hrs / week 16 hrs / week

    (For more information, interested students should contact any of the team leaders at (415) 338-1114, or stop EP 329.)

  • We operate on a first-come, first-served basis. At times we have a research assistant waiting list. When we need new research assistants, those at the top of the list are contacted first. If you are on the waiting list, please feel free to contact us periodically to let us know if you are still interested. Thanks for your interest and good luck.

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