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Minor in Health Education


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H ED 300 The Health Education Profession
H ED 430 Foundations of Community Health Education
Upper division electives in health education from the following or related fields on advisement as related to student's needs and interests:
H ED 310 Health in Society
H ED 315 Drugs and Society
H ED 320 Contemporary Sexuality
H ED 410 Organization and Function of Health Services
H ED 414 Women's Health
H ED 415 Health Aspects of Aging
H ED 417 AIDS: Contemporary Health Crisis
H ED 418 Environmental Health
H ED 420 Epidemiology
H ED 431 Community Health Education: Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
H ED 450 Health Policy
H ED 455 Community Organizing and Building for Health
H ED 500 Values Clarification in Sexuality
H ED 520 Health Promotion in Ethnic Communities
H ED 582 Homelessness and Public Policy
H ED 640 Structural Inequalities in Public Health
H ED 660 School Health Programs
  Total for Minor

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