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For details about the Dental Post-Bac Program, use the appropriate links in the column to the left, contact Dr. Meena Tappouni, Dental Post-Bac Co-Director (415-338-1033) or the Dental Post-Bac Student Advisors (415-338-1033).



Co-Director - Dr. Meena Tappouni,, HH-220, 415-338-1033

   Advising Hours: TBA and by appointment..

Co-Director - Dr. Harvey Brody,, HH-220, 415-338-1033

   Advising Hours:Call or e-mail for an appointment..

Coordinators - Applications, Advice & Visits -  HH-220, 415-338-1033,

   Advising Hours:TBA and by appointment..

Note: The Dental Post-Bac team uses HH-220 only on Mon, Wed and Fri. This room is used for other purposes on Tue and Thurs.

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