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Health Professions Letter-Forwarding Service (HPLFS)

Ryan Saw, Coordinator

Barry S. Rothman, Supervisor


Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 9-5.

Location: HH-220

Phone: 415-405-4239



Required Forms

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HPLFS forwards letters of recommendation to health professions schools, an important part of the application process. This service is available to all HPLFS clients.


HPLFS can electronically submit your letters to AMCAS (MD schools) or AADSAS (Dental schools). It can also electronically submit your letters to individual DO schools, as AACOMAS does not transmit letters. Lastly, submitting hard copies of letters is also available upon request.


HPLFS uses Virtual Evals (VE) to electronically transmit letters of reference to schools that are VE clients. Click here for a list of health profession schools that accept letters of reference through VE.


HPLFS can also forward your support letters to your Interfolio account.


If you are getting support letters for inclusion in a Formal Post-Bac, Dental Post-Bac or Pre-Nursing Post-Bac Committee Letter, below are the recommended types of letters:

  • 2-3 letters from your application to our post-bac program that you are attending or have just completed. We already have these, so no need to update them unless your relationship with the letter-writer has changed considerably
  • 2 letters from science or math instructors that teach for our post-bac program
  • 1 letter for each major clinical experience; minimum - 1 letter
  • 1 letter for each major research experience; a research letter is not required
  • 1 or 2 letters for your most significant non-clinical employment experiences; minimum - 1 letter
  • 1 or 2 letters for your most significant non-clinical volunteer experience; minimum - 1 letter
  • Total: 7- 10 letters.




HPLFS Account: A one-time fee of $85 covers opening a your HPLFS account. If your account is inactive for more than 12 months, we will archive your letters (but never destroy them). Please notify the HPLFS staff if you need to reactivate your account.


Please note that submission of your letters to your first destination (school or application service) is free.


Letter Packet Forwarding, including cover letter:  See Price Chart. 

Number of Destinations*


First Destination $0 (No charge for first request)

Additional Destinations

1– 5

$7 per destination

6 – 10

$6 per destination

11 – 20

$5 per request

21 or more

$4 per request

*A destination is any school, letter service or application service. Those using AMCAS or AADSAS will likely need only one destination.


Express Handling (hard copies only): An additional $12 service fee per destination, paid to HPLFS via cashiers office using the HPLFS fee form. Express letters are sent by FedEx, which charges additional fees ranging from $18 to $35 per packet of letters, depending on destination. A valid credit-card number must be provided to the HPLFS Office to cover FedEx charges. FedEx, not HPLFS, will bill your credit card.


Payment of Fees:

There are three ways to pay your HPLFS fees.

  1. Pay directly at the Bursar’s/Cashier’s Office (ADM 155); Mail or drop off the original, validated Fee Form at the HPLFS Office. Copies will not be accepted.
  2. Pay online through  E-mail the Proof of Payment and Fee Form to
  3. Pay by mailing in check and Fee Form to the mailing address below. Do not mail cash.



If you have completed an application cycle and have a postitive balance of $20 or more remaining in your account, you are entitled to a refund. Contact the HPLFS office to initiate the process. Refunds take 4-6 weeks to process.




Forms for Letter-Forwarding Service

All forms are in Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format. Please download and print out all forms.



This form contains detailed instructions for setting up an HPLFS file and having letters forwarded to the HPLFS Office. Includes supplemental instructions on paying fees by mail.



Use this form to set up an account with HPLFS.


Fee Form

Use this form to pay fees at the SFSU Cashier, located in the lobby of the Administration Building (ADM). Fees can be sent by mail or paid by credit card on the internet or by phone (see Payment of Fees above).


Reference Verification Form

Give one signed form to each recommender - must be included with each original letter. Allows you to choose whether letter is confidential (waive right to see letter) or non-confidential (retain right to see letter). The back of this form contains guidelines for writing letters of reference.


List of Schools
Use this form to send the names and addresses of health profession schools to which your letters should be sent. This is especially useful for those applying to DO schools (through AACOMAS). If you are using certain application services (e.g., AMCAS or AADSAS) or letter services (e.g., Interfolio), you don’t need to fill out a school list; instead, you will be submitting a request form generated by that service.


Letter of Recommendation Release Form
This form is needed only for letters written by SFSU instructors or other SFSU employees. Give one signed form to your writer, who must include it with your letter.




Contact Information


Hensill Hall, Room 218, located on 19th Ave, midway between Winston Ave (Stonestown Mall) and Holloway Ave.


Office Hours

Mon-Fri, 9-5.


Phone & Fax

Phone: 415-405-4239

Please check outgoing phone message for up-to-date information.


Fax: 415-338-2295

Please use a fax cover sheet that prominently displays Attn: Health Professions Letter-Forwarding Service.




Mailing Address

Health Professions Letter-Forwarding Service

College of Science and Engineering, TH 323

San Francisco State University

1600 Holloway Ave.

San Francisco, CA 94132



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Useful Web Links

Barry Rothman's Web Page - contains extensive information on health professions programs offered at SFSU.

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