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Formal Post-Bac Program



In June, 2006, SFSU created the Pre-Health Professions Certificate Program (PHPCP), a formal post-bac program for Career-Changers; that is, those wanting to take many if not all graduate health profession school pre-requisite courses and a small number of upper-division science electives. The PHPCP was run and continues to be run in a highly structured and supportive environment.


In June, 2010, we split the Program into two components, the original Career Changer Track (CCT), and a new Academic Enhancer Track (AET), for those retaking some pre-requisite courses and upper-division science electives and taking for the first time a number of upper-division electives. CCTs tend to have not been natural science majors as undergraduates, whereas "Late-Arriving" CCTs and AETs tend to have been Biology majors as undergraduates.


Please note that there will be no admissions to the AET during spring 2016 due to administrative reorganization. Please check this site later for information regarding AET admissions during summer 2016 and fall 2016. If you are an AET (have already completed all prerequisites for the health profession you wish to enter), please do not apply to our program at this point in time. CCTs are welcome to apply now.


Use the links below, and/or the links in the column to the left, to explore the Formal Post-Bac Program, and to apply if it meets your needs.

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Click Here for a copy of my presentation for the Formal PB & Dental PB Info Session held at SFSU on Jan 31, 2013.


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