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Formal Post-Bac Program



In June, 2006, SFSU created the Pre-Health Professions Certificate Program (PHPCP), a formal post-bac program for Career-Changers; that is, those wanting to take many if not all graduate health profession school pre-requisite courses and a small number of upper-division science electives. The PHPCP was run and continues to be run in a highly structured and supportive environment.


In June, 2010, we split the Program into two components, the original Career Changer Track (CCT), and a new Academic Enhancer Track (AET), for those retaking some pre-requisite courses and upper-division science electives and taking for the first time a number of upper-division electives. CCTs tend to have not been natural science majors as undergraduates, whereas "Late-Arriving" CCTs and AETs tend to have been Biology majors as undergraduates.


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Click Here for a copy of my presentation for the Formal PB & Dental PB Info Session held at SFSU on Jan 31, 2013.


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