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Miscellaneous Advice on Retaking Courses, Auditing Classes, Community College Courses and Cultural Competence


Retaking Courses

I highly recommend that you retake pre-requisite classes for which you received a grade of C- or below. Retake pre-requisites and science electives with a grade of C or lower at your own discretion; also consider auditing such classes for review purposes. I prefer seeing students taking new, advanced courses rather than repeating courses with tolerable (C) grades.


Auditing Classes

Course material can be previewed or reviewed by auditing. Informal audits require the consent of the instructor, but are not noted on your transcript and do not require additional fee payments. Formal audits require the consent of the instructor, are noted on your transcript and require any additional fee payments.


Community College Courses

Health profession schools prefer that pre-requisites be taken at 4-year universities like SFSU rather than at community colleges. Some will not look at community college grades unless they were generated before official transfer to a 4-year university.


Cultural Competence

Exposure to other cultures and understanding the way oppression operates in US society is vital to working in the health professions. I recommend that you consider courses offered by our College of Ethnic Studies.




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