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SFSU's Ethnic Diversity

With about 23,000 full-time equivalent undergraduates, and 6,000 full-time equivalent graduate students, SFSU has the fifth largest enrollment of the twenty-three California State University campuses and the forty-seventh largest enrollment of all universities in the United States. SFSU and the CSU system are committed to providing educational opportunities to the broadest possible range of students in the state. Reflecting the ethnically diverse urban area in which it is located, SFSU serves a significant number of underrepresented minority students. In 2005, of students who declared their ethnicity (84%), students of color comprised approximately 61% of the undergraduate and pre-health post-bac populations, and 42% of the graduate population. The undergraduate and pre-health post-bac students of color were distributed as follows: Native American, 1%; African American, 7%; Mexican American, 9%; Other Hispanic, 7%; Filipino, 11%; Other Pacific Islander, 1%; Asian, 20%; SE Asian, 4%. Faculty hire at SFSU also strongly emphasizes racial and ethnic diversity. In 2005, 34% of the 833 tenured and tenure-track faculty were people of color, distributed as follows: Native American, 1%; African American, 5%; Mexican American, 7%; Other Non-White, 3%; Filipino, 1%; Other Pacific Islander, 0.2%; Other Asian, 16%.


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