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NEW! Pre-Nursing Post-Bac Program - Application Deadline Extended to Mar 15

In summer 2012, we began a 4-15 month Nursing Post-Bac Program for Cohort Alpha, a group of about 30 pre-nursing students who still needed to take or retake some or all of the nursing school pre-requisite course work. About 8 additional students were admitted as transfers in fall 2012. We repeated this process summer/fall 2013 for Cohort Beta. Members of Cohort Alpha are now in the process of gaining entry into US nursing schools, mainly MSN programs.

A downloadable application for this program is always available.

Applications for spring 2014 transfers are now closed. Applications for summer 2014 entrants are now open. Deadline: March 15, 2014. Late applications will be considered if space is available.


Click Here for more information about the Pre-Nursing Post-Bac Program.


Pre-Nursing Summer 2014 Advising Course

Each summer we will offer a low-cost,1-unit Pathways to Nursing course to be held over a period of 5 weeks - usually mid-July to early August. Its goal is to provide effective career advising to pre-nursing students. This course will be open to all pre-nursing students, whether undergraduates or post-bacs. The course is offered as Credit/No-Credit only, and will cost a total of about $275.


Click Here for more information about the Pathways to Nursing course.


Barry's January 9, 2014 Podcast on

Click Here for link on my web site.

Click Here for link on's web site.

Index (entire recording ~48 min):

  • 00:03:21 – My journey from research to post-bac program director.
  • 00:08:57 – The support group model I use for SFSU post-bac programs.
  • 00:15:33 – Post-bac programs for career changers.
  • 00:18:30 – Post-bac programs for academic enhancers.
  • 00:21:50 – Right time to apply to med school; (and dealing with parents).
  • 00:24:51 – The advantages of formal post-bac program.
  • 00:29:00 – Many types of post-bac programs; choosing which is best for you.
  • 00:33:10 – Is there a future for online post-bac courses?
  • 00:36:07 – Advice for career changers.
  • 00:37:57 – Learning challenges: “I study so hard, but my friends get As while I get Bs and Cs”
  • 00:47:36 – Dealing with urgency: Is this cycle the right one for you to apply to med school?


Formal Post-Bac Program

The Formal Post-Bac Program consists of two highly structured and supportive components used to prepare students for applying to graduate health professions schools such as medical, dental and pharmacy schools: a Career Changer Track (CCT) and an Academic Enhancer Track (AET). The CCT is for those needing to take for the first time pre-requisite science and math courses and a limited number of upper-division science electives. The AET is for those who need to improve their academic record by retaking some pre-requisites and upper-division science electives as well as taking for the frirst time a number of upper-division science electives. See the Comparison Table and Summary page for more details.


An online application for the CCT and the AET is always available. Both tracks use the same application, admit students each semester and have the same deadlines. However, the number of students admitted depends on both track and semester (summer: CCT~60, AET~25; fall: CCT~5, AET~25; spring: CCT~3, AET~25). See the Application and Admission web page for details. Applications are still being considered for admission into Cohort 7 (CCT) and Cohort C (AET) for spring 2013; both began this summer 2012 in early June. Cohort 8 (CCT) and Cohort D (AET) will begin in early June, 2013.

The 2012-2013 application should be used until a new application becomes available. Applications for summer 2014 are now closed and applications for fall 2014 are now open. Deadline: May 15, 2014. Late applications will be considered if space is available.


Dental Post-Bac Program

We offer a highly successful Dental Post-Bac Program for about a total of 18 dental school reapplicants and first-time applicants that .have completed all dental school pre-requisite courses, are socionomically disadvantaged and are committed to practice in underserved communitiies.The 2013-2014 Program has been filled and began in late July, 2013 . The 2012-2013 application should be used for 2014-2015 applications until a new application becomes available, hopefully in early January, 2014. Deadline: April 1, 2014. Applications for 2013-2014 are now closed.


Copies of Recent Talks (pdf)

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Click Here for my Post-Bac Panel talk at the WAAHP meeting (May 2, 2011).

Click Here for Dr. Andrea Boyle's Pre-Nursing Info Session at SFSU (Apr 13, 2011).

Click Here for my Post-Bac Workshop presentation at MIH-UC Berkeley (Apr 9, 2011).

Click Here for my Post-Bac Workshop presentation at AMSA-UC Berkeley (Mar 5, 2011).

Click Here for my Post-Bac Advising Workshop presentation at SFSU (Feb 22, 2011).

Click Here for my SFSU Post-Bac Programs presentation at SFSU (Feb 15, 2011) .


Instructor Training Program

In summers 2010 and 2011, the Formal Post-Bac Program and Dental Post-Bac Program in partnership with Preparing Future Faculty (PFF) at UCSF formally trained 8-16 instructors to teach the various courses we offer within these two post-bac programs. We did not run the ITP during summer 2012 or 2013. Instead, we consolidated our group of instructors, targeted specific hires and trained appropriate applicants on an individual basis. We will not run a formal ITP during summer 2014. However, feel free to contact me to inquire about teaching opportunities.

Click Here for our ITP web page.

Click Here for our 2-page ITP and Hiring flier.


San Francisco Bay Area Health Careers Opportunity Program (SF Bay HCOP)

SFSU, in partnership with the Stanford University School of Medicine and the UC Berkeley School of Public Health, has been awarded a 3-year federal grant to promote the entry of students who have had to deal with socioeconomic challenges into the health professions. This program has been extended an additional year (Sept 2013-Aug 2014). At SFSU, SF Bay HCOP funds stipends and additional support services for a group of "HCOP Scholars" chosen from the Formal Post-Bac Program, Dental Post-Bac Program and Summer Science Institute (see below). The award also funds a number of support activities at SFSU, Stanford and UC Berkeley. Lastly, it funds several joint efforts among the three partner schools to provide advice and support to pre-health students throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Click Here for the SF Bay HCOP web page.


Informal Post-Bac Programs

For those taking major's level pre-requisite science and math courses (Career-Changers) or upper-division science courses (Academic Enhancers) in a less structured environment and for lower tuition. Due to California budget cuts, 2nd-Bac Programs throughout the CSU were eliminated in spring 2010 and will remain closed for the foreseeable future. The Open U Program is still available at SFSU and other CSU campuses, but due to these budget cuts and subsequent increased enrollment demand by undergraduates, it is difficult but not impossible to get into classes through this program. See the Comparison Table for a feature-by-feature analysis of the Formal and Informal Post-Bac Programs.


Summer Science Institute

For about 24 socioeconomically disadvantaged undergraduates who intend to enter any health profession. Provides extensive academic support and career guidance during an intevsive 8-week summer program, with weekly follow-up activities during the fall and spring. Applications for summer 2014 will become available in early 2014. Use the following links: SSI Home Page, SSI Online Application, SSI E-mail. Deadline: March 15, 2014; late applications will be considered if space is available.





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