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Completed Masters Theses Sorry I am no longer taking on graduate students

My philosophy for leading graduate students is to try to give them exposure to many aspects of Biogeography or Natural Resource Management and together come up with a thesis idea that is doable in the allotted time, that adds information to the field, and that can help the student extend their knowledge and networks in the discipline. 
The goal of a master's thesis is to learn the process of taking a research question through its theoretical background, through methodology and results and conclusion.  By the end of the thesis, you are the expert, and you know you would probably have done things a lot differently if given another chance.  That is learning, it takes place at many levels.  Being a graduate student is challenging in light of all the other things that go on in a person's life.  To finish is a great accomplish.    Those below have undertaken that challenge.

Current M.A. Thesis Advisor (Geography) (*Thesis Committee Chair):


Quentin Clark.Modelling the Spatial Distribution of Invasive Plants on Southeast Farallon Island.†† Pending, expected completion May 2017.


68 Completed Theses (* denoted committees that I chaired)

*Kirsten Kalchmayr. December 2016. Assessing spatio-temporal changes of invasive Limonium ramosissimum in San Francisco Bay wetlands

*Tori Seher. December 2016. Understanding Breeding Success of Pigeon Guillemots (Cepphus columba) in an Urban Environment

*Richard Chasey.May 2016. Southeast Farallon Island Seed Bank Characterization.

Anna Studwell.May 2016.Predicting Nonresident Seabird Foraging Habitat to Inform Conservation Planning

*Jamie Lee Hawk.May 2015. Classification, Vegetation-Environment Relationships, and Distribution of Plant Communities on Southeast Farallon Island, California

*Stefanie Auer.Jan 2015. Climate Change Exposure across the Mountain Goat Range: Metrics for Vulnerability Assessment.

*Ryan Bey.May 2014. Large Woody Material Assessment for Salmon Restoration in Mill Creek Watershed, Sonoma County, California

Caitlin Jensen.2014.†† Spatial and Temporal Variability in Shipping Traffic around San Francisco Bay.

* Michael Chasse.December 2013. San Franciscoís Rare Endemic Manzanitas:Prospect for Recovery through Restoration.

*Caleb Feldman. May 2013.Grassroots Science: Power, Knowledge, and Participation in the San Francisco Bay.

*Paris Good Swan.Dec 2012.A Spatial Analysis of Pitch Canker in Point Reyes National Seashore.

Andrea Dransfield.Fall 2012. Hotspot Analysis of Humpback Whales along Cordell Bank and Gulf of Farallones, Central California.

Steven Rossi.April 2012.††
Transportation Noise, Noise Sensitivity and Individualís Sense of Being Away in a Wildland Area.Dept of Recreation, Parks and Tourism.

*Brian Harvey. May 2010.
Post-Fire Vegetation Change and Stand Dynamics in a Pinus Muricata Forest.

*Guillermo Duran. May 2010.
Assessing the Habitat Fragmentation of Socioeconomically Important Tree Species in Costa Rica.

Noah Wasserman. July 2009. Vegetation Change Trends in Yosemite National Park over the Last Century (1903-2008).

McCarthy, Briana.May 2009. Exploring Undergraduate Studentsí conceptions of Environmental Processes.Dept of Biology

Stefanie Egan.May 2009. Participatory GIS for Biosphere Reserve Zone Designation.  Turneffe Atoll, Belize.

Dori Dick.Dec 2008. Relative Abundance and fine scale habitat use of dolphins at Turneffe Atoll, Belize.

*Casey Cleve. August 2008. Using GIS to predict potential Sierra Nevada red fox habitat.

*Seth Hiatt. August 2008.Habitat Distribution Modeling of Arctostaphylos myrtifolia in Amador County, CA.

*Kate Anderson.Dec. 2007.Lines in Time: A Historical Analysis of Property Boundaries in San Francisco: 1835-1920

*Anne Atkinson.August 2007.A Natural and Cultural History of Maunalua Bay, Hawaii.

Tami Turner. May 2007.Environmental Management Program for a Real Winery in the Livermore Wine Country. MBA Business

*Miguel Fernandez.May 2007. Assessing the Effects of Locality accuracy in predictive species distribution models: Implications for conservation practice.

*Melanie Vanderhoof, May 2007. Predicting the Distribution of Perennial Pepperweed, Lepidium latifolium, in the San Francisco Bay Delta.

*Christiane Camp. June 2006. Golden Gate Heights: A Biogeographic Land Use History.

*Anica Williams.  Dec. 2005.The Effectiveness of Environmental Education in Increasing Environmental Literacy and Responsible Behavior.

*Debra Dwyer.  Dec. 2005. Integrating GIS/GPS to Manage Natural Resources in Local Environments:  San Francisco Natural Areas

Lynn Gassaway. May 2005. Department of Anthropology.  Wuke and Huyu: Spatial Patterns of Anthropogenic Fire in Yosemite Valley.

*Tiffany Meyer, January 2005. . Distribution and Health of Ione Manzanita and Ione Buckwheat populations.

Suzanne Poloner. December 2004. Contextual Conservation: Antillean manatees of Turneffe Atoll, Belize.

*Liz Proctor. May 2004. Reducing variation in georeferenced locality descriptions.

*Alicia Mariscal. June 2003. The Environmental History if an Urban
Wetland:  Arrowhead Marsh in Oakland, California.

*David Munro.  Dec. 2003.  Wetland Enhancement Plan for Pier 94, San Francisco, California.

Ian Signer. May 2003. Diverse Land, Diverse Peoples: Exploring Native California Resource Management.

*Suzy Jones. May 2003.Current Uses of Lake Merced, San Francisco California.

*Craig Jung.  April 2003. Managing the Mountain Bike at Mount Tamalpais. 

*Simon Hurd.  February 2003.History of Fire Management at Sequoia and King Canyon National Parks.

*David Freitag. May 1997. Lost in the Fog:†† An Environmental History of Lake Merced.†† April 2002.

*Kathleen Marsh. April 2002 Conservation Easement Language Analysis: Sonoma County Agricultural and Open Space District.

*Paul Pribor. March 2002. Post Fire Succession in Bishop Pine Forest at Point Reyes National Seashore, California (1995-2001).

Autumn Garrett, Dept of Biology, Ecology and Systematics. February 2002.Seed and seed bank ecology of a rare chaparral shrub: Ceanothus purpureus..

*Nicolas Salcedo. November. 2001.Salinity Effect on Waterfowl in a Wetland Restoration Project, San Francisco Bay.

*Hili Kilipovich.Feb. 2001.Using Natural Areas in Urban Landscapes: Lake Merced Curriculum for High Schools.

*Juan Ochoa. February 2001.Plant Diversity in Uncultivated Margins of Conventional and Organic Farms in Yolo County, California

Jancy Rickman, Dept of Biology, Ecology and Systematics. December 2000.Distinguishing the Impacts of Urbanization from the impacts of Habitat Fragmentation on Native California Leaf Miners associated with Quercus agrifolia.

*Bonnie Sachs. July 2000. San Bruno Mountain Community Resource Management Project.

Russell Roe.May 2000. Mapping Successional stages of Baccharis pilularis with Landsat TM Imagery.

*David Hall. May 2000. Urban Coyotes:Distribution, abundance and human Interactions, Marin Headlands.

Joseph Ingenito. May 1999.The Reconstruction of a San Francisco Stream: Islais Creek.

*Sean Micallef. December 1998. Grazing Effects on the Grassland Vegetation of Mount Diablo State Park.

*Cristina Grosso. Sept. 1998.Mountain Lake:Urban Open Space for Recreational Activities and Native Habitat.

Sylvie Amezcua.May 1998.A Gap Analysis of San Francisco Garter Snake Habitat in San Mateo County.*Brown, Marti. Virtual Fieldtrips, the Internet and Geographic Education. March 1998.

*Karen Folger.May 1998. Post Fire Succession in the Inverness Ridge Bishop Pine Forest,
Point Reyes National Seashore.

*Phil Klasky. May 1997. An Extreme and Solemn Relationship: Native American Perspectives:Ward Valley Nuclear Dump.

*Jodene Isaacs.May 1996.Californiaís Rangeland Reference Areas:A Spatial Assessment.

*Robert Evans. May 1996. Biogeographic Modeling of Habitat Indicators for the Presence of Hesperolinon drymariodes.

*Nancy Clark. December 1995. Ranchland Parcelization:†† A Profile of Land Use in Yuba County, California 1895-1995.

* Celeste Birkeland. December 1995. Sacred Geography:†† Rock Sites in Northern and Central California.

*Kevin MacKay. November 1995.Regional Conservation Planning for San Francisco Bay Salt Marshes: A Biogeographic Approach.

Robert Dull. August 1995. Late Holocene Paleoecology and Historic Grazing Impacts, Southern Sierra Nevada. ††

Robert McDonald. May 1995. The City of San Mateo Reuse and Recycling Action Plan:A Case Study. Masterís in Public Administration.

*Samanthe Kadar.March 1995 A Geography of Landscapes in Central Sonoma County, California.†††

Nadine Golden. October 1994. Organic Farms as Nodes of Wildlife Corridors, Fresno County, California.

*Lora Konde. September 1994. Spatial Analysis of Successful Natural Blue Oak Regeneration:†† Priest Valley, California:A GIS Approach.

* Elizabeth. Vaughan.July 1994. The Narmada Valley Development Project:Environmental and Social Issues of a Watershed Development Project in Central India.